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Administrative Assistant's Bi-Weekly Report

For meeting of September 7, 2017


Oh my goodness what a week this has been.  Property tax collections have been very brisk, and the town coffers are in a healthy condition.  Thanks to Nancy Jones for filled in during the middays while Jennifer was on vacation for the week.  Jenn came in on Thursday (as planned), and we had two windows going pretty steady.


Though it seemed a lot would build up over August for your agenda, it’s not that long.


Minutes – There are two sets – August 3, 2017 and August 24, 2017.  Please read them over for accuracy.


Warrant 6 – This will be quite large, since we’ll move a fair chunk of change to the investment account. BTW – the Semi-annual payroll is on here too. The warrant will be periodically updated on the website prior to the meeting and printed out at the meeting.


Cash & Budget Reports – I’ve closed out last year – the final budget report is in your packets.  This year’s report will be updated on the website and handed out at the meeting too.


Checking Account ReconciliationI will get this done, most likely Saturday morning or Monday (though it’s a holiday), and distribute by e-mail.


Audit – We’ve completed all the transaction testing requested by the auditors and I’ll be closing the general ledger on last year next week.  The auditors will be here on September 18th.


Meeting with Sewall Company – You’ll recall Sewall has a contract offer to assist the town with extending cable lines.  It’s quite confusing as to what the expectations are.  Mike Edgecomb of Sewall will be at the meeting, and the tech committee is expected to attend as well.


CTV Franchise Agreement – The town attorney was inquiring about our status with renewal.  The tech committee is of the opinion that we should move forward.  Mr. Edgecomb felt that delaying would put the town in a better position to negotiate line extensions.


Salt / Sand Shed – I’ve e-mailed Jim Kiser and we should have a report by meeting time on what it will take to repair the trusses.  Meanwhile, the garage door has broken.  I’ve called in PDQ to repair it (again).


Code Enforcement – I’ll be working on an agreement with the CEO outlining the change in position and keeping him aboard as facilities maintenance.  I set the deadline for applications for replacement for September 14th.  The reason for that is to get the ad in the next Ellsworth American.  I’ve posted the ad on the town’s website with links to that from both the Maine Building Officers and Inspectors Association and Maine Municipal Association.  I also posted it on the town’s Facebook page.  I’m not sure how the board would like to proceed as far as going through applications and interviewing candidates following the deadline, but I might suggest forming a search committee with a couple of Selectmen, myself, the Planning Board chair and an assessor.   Just a thought.


Violation Status – I’ll ask Rick for an update before the meeting. He went to inspect the Jordan pit last week, but I’ve not seen him since.


Upcoming Contracts/Bids – It’s likely time to put the solid waste hauling and recycling program out to bid, as our agreement with Casella (Pine Tree Waste) expires at the end of March.   I’ve put the last RFP we did on this in your packets.  Let’s talk about how you want to do this.


I’ve also noted that the snow plowing contract with McMullen Landscape ends in May.  That’s something to start thinking about in the spring, though for budgeting purposes, it would be good to know the costs this fall.


Set Town meeting Date – If you opt to stick with the usual town meeting timing, the election would be March 6, 2018 with the open town meeting the following evening.  BTW, Jo and Gary’s terms expire at the 2018 town meeting. The reason to set that date so early has to do with nomination paper availability.


Electronic Sign – We are moving forward with this project.  NeoKraft held the same bid price as before but changing to a black/red sign design.  Install should be by September 25th.  I’ve lined up Richard McMullen to put boulders around the base for a garden for now, and Arthur Ashmore will run the power.


Marlboro Beach Purchase – I’ve not inquired as to how the Frenchman Bay Conservancy is doing raising funds for the purchase.  I believe the Conservation Commission has their executive director speaking to them on the 13th.


Mud Creek Road Land Donation – No further update on this from Fred Stocking.  I’ll ask him what the next step should be when I see him next.


Building Use by Outside Groups – We have a policy in regard to non town sponsored groups for a security deposit and use fee.  The Friends of Frenchman Bay requested to use the building last Friday (8/25) through Kathleen.  I didn’t impose the fee since Kathleen was taking care of access of cleanup.  I held a study session with the volleyball refs the other night which I made sure to open, close and clean up after.  I’ll put the policy in your packet for discussion on how to handle such situations (I’ll gladly pay the town for the refs group use).


That’s really all I have for the agenda.  See you Thursday.