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For meeting of October 5, 2017

Happy autumn, though it’s still pretty summer-like today (September 28th).   There is a lot going on in town, and last night was a challenge for meeting space around town.  The Planning Board hearing on the MacQuinn pit expansion drew a very large crowd at the school.  For those who attended, you know that they will have to schedule another night for testimony after 3-hours of presentation and questions last evening.  The decision date of 10/10 will not be happening until the public hearings are complete.   In addition to that meeting, the Frenchman Bay Partners group utilized the town office, followed by the Recreation Committee meeting at the town office.  On top of that, it was fire department meeting night!   I love that we have such an active community.

You’ve got a fair amount on your agenda for Thursday. 

Minutes, September 21, 2017 Thank you in advance for reading and submitting written corrections.

Warrant 8 – There will be school expenditures on here, but those will likely be added on October 4th when the school department sends them.  The PDQ bill was for the garage door at the salt/sand shed.  The Wal-Mart expenses were for a shop vac for the town hall.  We’ve had an issue with sand, most likely from the water filter, clogging up the valve on the toilet to the point that water will keep running after the tank is filled.  The shop vac is used to get the sand out.  We will have to do something about the water filter, as it is not working.  I’ve called Northeast Plumbing, but they’ve not responded.  Rick suggested he could install a filter of some sort.  I would like to call Norlen’s and replace the 25-year old filter we have in the basement with a modern one.

I also purchased two new UPS units.  The computer I use and the TV room have been periodically failing, likely old batteries. 

Note, also, the UPS Store payment – this was to ship back the Nexus TV unit.  We’re basically off the cable channel and live streaming until that gets back.  I sent e-mail explaining what happened.

The posted warrant will be periodically updated on the website, a hard copy printed for meeting night.

Cash & Budget Reports – The on-line report will be periodically updated.  A printed copy will be printed for meeting night.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This will be e-mailed to you when it is ready, most likely on Tuesday.

Quarterly Excise Tax report – The quarter ends on Saturday.  I’ll generate the report Monday and post it on the website with a printed copy in your materials for Thursday.

State Valuation - The proposed increase in state valuation is about 1.3%, a little less than $4,000,000 for 2018.  The report from the state is in the packet.  Unless you wish to challenge the state assessment, there is no action you need to take.

Investment Strategy – First Advisors was here last week to ask if we wish to more aggressively invest funds that we won’t need for a while.  I’ve copied a memorandum from them.  Our investment strategy is safety first, liquidity 2nd, and yield last. 

Budget 2018/19 – It’s time to start development next year’s budget.  I’ve sent an e-mail to the Budget Committee to set up their organizational meeting sometime in October.  There are some budget items that you ought to discuss, including:

Regional Meeting – I’ve put a list of topics generated prior to Tuesday’s League of Towns Meeting.  The regional meeting is in Somesville on Thursday the 12th.  They would like a head count of the number attending.  Please let me know meeting night if you will be there. 

Code Enforcement Officer Search Update – The search committee meets on the 3rd – Kathleen will join us by phone, and we should have some progress by the 5th.

Gravel Pit – Gott – Steve Salsbury has requested the Selectmen issue a release from the gravel pit reclamation intent that was filed on this pit since the restoration is now complete.  He didn’t have any template.  I will attempt to draft something by meeting night.  I’ll want to run it by him first.

Jordan – If everything is hunky dory with the King Pit, we should issue something to Mr. Jordan lifting the stop work order.

MacQuinn – I’ll ask Rick or John Holt to check the Asher pit to see whether it’s meeting the restoration provisions. 

Building & Land Use Ordinance Land Use Table- I’ll stick another copy in your packet.  Please look this over ahead of the meeting and come up with any suggested changes.  The Planning Board is looking for guidance on whether to go ahead with a public hearing on this.

Rec Committee Follow Up – I await word from the committee as to whether the Selectmen should do something after the discussion last meeting.  They met last night.

Deputy ACO – I’ve got a separate memo on this in your packets.

RFPs –The three draft RFPs were in your material from last meeting.  I’m looking for changes needed before sending these out.  Please look them over prior to the meeting and bring your comments, questions, ideas. 

Lamoine Quarterly – I’m in hopes to get started soon, since it’s now the 28th of the month.  I should have a draft ready for Thursday.

InfrastructureSign – If all goes well, the new sign should be installed meeting night!

Ladder Truck- The fire department is flying 3 guys to Vancouver on Monday to look over that truck.  Should have something for the meeting.

Sheriff’s Patrol – A few meetings ago you asked about a patrol contract.  I’ve got a reply from the chief deputy (our Superintendent of Schools’ husband).

That’s all I have for the agenda at this point.  I’ll keep you abreast of things the best I can regarding the medical issue of today (Thursday the 28th).