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Bi-Weekly Report - November 2, 2017


I seem to have accomplished a lot this week – at least some major projects got completed and out of the in-tray!  

We finally got some much needed rain. The fire danger crept up to high until yesterday (Wednesday, 10/25).  The fire department made a very good stop on a wildfire last Friday on Buttermilk Road.  When the pager went off I literally was in the process of opening the door to drop some things inside.  Response time was very good.

We have figured out a problem with the Cable TV system where it was not recording meetings.  Along with the overheating problem that necessitated returning the Nexus unit, the hard drive that contains and records the programs was full.  That’s been corrected and the town hall system is working normally.  We’re in the process of dubbing DVD’s into the system of shows that were not recorded.

Your agenda is pretty short, but there is some work to do.

Minutes – October 19, 2017 – Please look them over and make written corrections.

Warrant 10 – Nothing terribly unusual so far.  A few fire department bills for work done on the trucks, and I’ve ordered 30 safety vests for the FD which was encumbered last summer. This will be periodically updated on the website and printed for the meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports – This too will be updated on the website and the hard copy printed for your meeting.

Checking Account Reconciliation – I should have this done for meeting time.  Usually it’s available on November 1st.  I’ll e-mail the files.

Lien Foreclosure Schedule – The property tax liens filed on July 28, 2016 will automatically foreclose on January 28, 2018.  We’re required to send a formal foreclosure notice by December 29, 2017, but not before December 14th.   I will send an informal notice in mid-November.  The list of liens is in your packet.

Marlboro Beach Deed Wording – Here is the wording that Aaron Dority proposed for the deed when the time comes.  

“The premises hereby conveyed shall be kept open and available to the general public for access to the water for recreation, marine fisheries and other uses. This covenant is for conservation purposes and shall run with and burden the premises in perpetuity, and Frenchman Bay Conservancy, its successors and assigns, shall have the right to enforce the same at law or in equity, and the right to enter the premises at a reasonable time and in a reasonable manner in order to monitor compliance herewith.”

You’d asked to discuss this, as there is some concern that it may be too broad. 

Appeals Board Ordinance – The Board of Appeals has asked for comment on its proposed ordinance.  Copies of that ordinance are included with your packet.

Community Center – Several months ago you approved the proposal to form a community center committee, but nothing has yet taken place.  That proposal is included in your packets.  It’s probably time to start recruiting a committee.

Budget Workshop – The minutes from the budget committee are in your packet, as is the capital schedule as adjusted.  Please note that the budget committee meetings have shifted to Tuesday nights.

With luck, an Administration, capital projects, and solid waste budget will be ready for your meeting. 

Typically, the budget material goes into a binder, and the binders are of a uniform size and color.  We’ve retired a lot of binders in the past year. You’ll still have binders, but they’ll be differing colors and sizes.

Meeting Dates – February remains open.  Perhaps the 1st and 15th?   (School vacation / tournament week is the 19th-23rd). 

That’s all at this time.  See you Thursday.