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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of November 16, 2017

Greetings from the town office.  I’m writing this on November 8, 2017, the day after Election Day.  We were far busier than expected, but everything went smoothly, and the crew was out of here by 9:00 PM.  Our ballot tabulator worked very well and there were no issues that I am aware of.

I will be out of the office on the 9th for a Town & City Management Association Board meeting in Augusta, and on the 10th, we are closed for the federal Veterans’ Day holiday. Thus, the early packet.

Your agenda is relatively short!

MinutesPlease look over the draft and if you can submit any written changes, that’s helpful.

Warrant 11 – There are a couple of hefty legal bills for the gravel suit and the MacQuinn expansion.  We got coffee and dinner for the election crew, and I’ve ordered I voted stickers for the next few elections.  The warrant will be updated periodically on line.

Cash & Budget Report – We will have to transfer some cash into the checking account to cover the school bills that will likely come in next Wednesday (the 15th).  I don’t know how much yet, as we’re getting to the season of tuition payments due. 

The reports will be updated on the website and printed with the warrant the day of your meeting.

Stale Check Order – As you’ve noted in past checking account reconciliations, we have a few outstanding checks that have not been cashed in a timely manner.  I’ll draft up an order on how to handle those so that we can bring the checkbook up to date.

Appeals Board Ordinance Draft – I’ve prepared a very lengthy review of the Board of Appeals Ordinance draft.  Griff (and the other Appeals Board members are invited too) will attend your meeting to talk about the ordinance.  I’ve put that review in your packet. It’s very nitpicky, but my goal was to make sure it is consistent, the state law references were correct, and communicates what the Appeals Board intends.

Returnables – The School drama program has requested the bottle proceeds.  This is the first time they’ve applied, and the next available month is January 2018.

Mud Creek Road Paving – Maine DOT e-mailed us last Friday to let us know they’ll be paving Mud Creek Road next summer and asking if we have any reason for digging up the new pavement.  I have replied that a possible park project is in the works in the not too distant future.  The communication is in your packet.

MRC Ballot – This will be your final time voting for an MRC director as we pull out next April.

Budget Workshop – If all goes well, I’ll start working on Roads, Solid Waste, Code Enforcement and other budgets next week.   Remember, the Budget Committee will review the proposed administration budget on the 14th at 6PM. 

That is all that has come in for now.  See you on Thursday.