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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of November 12, 2017


I am writing this on Thanksgiving Eve, and hope that everyone has reason to be thankful and family to share that with.  I’m especially thankful that my dad will be joining us for the day.


You’ve got a fairly brief agenda, too!


Minutes – November 16, 2017 – Please review the minutes and if there are errors, give me a written correction please.


Warrant 12 – This should be as hefty as the last one.  The fire department expense reimbursements will be on here and the warrant posted on line and periodically updated with a printed version printed for the meeting. It is likely that we will have to move more money out of the investment accounts into checking to cover the school payroll.


Cash & Budget Reports – This too will be periodically updated on the website and printed for the meeting.


Unpaid Tax Complaint – A separate memo is in your packet regarding this matter.


Resignation – Sharon Smythe is stepping down as an alternate from the Rec Committee.


Transfer Station Fill In – Chris has asked Brandon Robitaille of Old Schoolhouse lane to fill in for him on Saturday 12/2.  I’ve run a background check and he’s fine.  Chris has requested that you approve him to fill in, and I echo the request.


Marlboro Beach Purchase – Jim Norris has requested that this close prior to the end of the year.  He says Frenchman Bay Conservancy has raised the money.  I’ve copied the back page of their latest newsletter.


I’ve got the proposed language back from FBC on the ability to regulate the park while keeping it accessible.  Brian Thomas wrote it, and it looks OK to me.


If everything is in order, I would recommend that the Board authorize me as the Treasurer to execute payment to the Norris Family and close the sale of Marlboro Beach.  If you do not wish for me to do it, you should authorize one of the Selectmen to act on behalf of the town.   I will try to get more information from Aaron Dority from FBC prior to the meeting.


Gift Cards – As mentioned some time back, someone left gift cards for the Planning Board on the same night as a meeting on the MacQuinn Pit.  We published an article in the quarterly, put it on Facebook, but no one has claimed the cards.  They’ve been sitting in my office for weeks now.  What would you like to do with them?


Vacation Days – I would like to take the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day off, please.


Budget Workshop – Updated budget pages for the categories listed on the agenda are in your packet.  Pretty much everything is done with the exception of Parks and Recreation.


That would be all that I have for this meeting. See you Thursday!