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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of September 13, 2018


Whew – it has been a very busy summer, and this week has finally given us a bit of a time to catch up on a few things in the town office. 


You have a very busy agenda, so I’ll get right to it.


Minutes – August 30, 2018 They’re quite short, as most of the meeting was in executive session.  Written corrections are most appreciated.


Warrant 6 – The warrant will be periodically updated on the website and printed for meeting night.  So far nothing terribly unusual, though the domain registration for hosting the website has gone up to $400/year from $125. 


Warrant 5 Corrections – We got charged less than approved for a Conservation Commission bill (it’ll likely show back up on a future warrant) because the Ben Meadows company was out of stock on thermometers, and then I recorded the tax payment wrong on the warrant by $10.00.  There’s an order to approve those corrections to sign.


Cash & Budget Reports – These will be periodically updated on the website and printed for meeting night.


Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed to you on September 4th.  Let me know if you have questions.


Encumbrance Order – The fire chief ordered a lot of items in late May from IPS.  Most of it has arrived, but we’ve not yet received the bill.  I will draw up an order to encumber the expected bill from the company so that it’s applied to the fire department’s 2017/18 budget.


Cash Flow Report – Our investment account management company asked for a cash flow projection.  I have prepared that and it’s enclosed in your packet.


Foreclosed Property Status – To date I’ve not received anything from the town attorney on this.  If I don’t see something next week, I will ask for an update.


Capital Ambulance – Capital will have a representative at the meeting.  They have sent a proposed contract.  I’ve looked it over, had them make one clarification that the payment is an annual payment, and it is in your packet. The contract is far more detailed than what we had with County, and that’s a good thing in my book.


Smoking Policy Proposals – The folks from Healthy Acadia sent over a couple of proposed smoking policies which are in your packet.  There may be a representative here to talk about them. 


Meet with School Committee re: “Raising the Floor” – Superintendent Kane has asked to jointly discuss with the School Committee the proposal to lobby the Legislature for a higher minimum receiver payment for education.  Mark Robinson of Fayette (a good friend of mine) will likely be in attendance to give a brief presentation.  There will likely be some materials in your packet.


Storage Sheds – The school moved several sheds that it had on its lot to the former Anderson property.  I did not object to them doing so, but at least one of them looks awful.  While we have the school committee here, we could ask what they would like ultimately to take place with them. 


Permit Fees – There’s a memorandum from CEO Rebecca Albright regarding the permit fee schedule.  The review of the fee schedule was briefly mentioned last year, but never progressed while we were in the process of hiring a new CEO.  The current fee schedule is in your packets.


Harbor Mooring Assignment – I’m looking for guidance (as is Harbor Master David Herrick) on how to handle a situation.  A year ago we sent a letter to a gentleman on the waiting list to offer him a mooring permit.  We did not hear from him until August, when he submitted payment to David (in cash) for his permit.  Because we’d not heard back from him, the permit for mooring #5 was assigned to another person, but in the meantime the person from the waiting list tied up to mooring #5, but without paying.


We have mooring space available for the other person who was assigned permit #5.  The question is how the Selectmen wish to handle this.  I’ve held onto the $50 in cash and await direction.


Parks – Mobile Vendors – The Parks Commission received an inquiry earlier this summer from a food truck wishing to operate at Lamoine Beach.  We have no policy or ordinance regulating such activity.  The Parks Commission has asked that the Selectmen discuss whether such an ordinance is needed.   Let’s talk about that.


Vandalism @ Bloomfield Park – We got a call this week from a young man who admitted that he started a fire on a picnic table seat and damaged the picnic table.  A neighbor called the Sheriff’s Department who caught the young man and the deputy apparently advised him to call the town office.  Rick Gallegos has repaired the bench and I’ve asked him to come up with the costs involved with that in order that the perpetrator can make restitution.  


Public Hearing Date – GA Ordinance Updates – I suggest the hearing be your next meeting on September 27, 2018 and will draw up an order for such.  This is an annual requirement to update the minimum numbers for General Assistance. 


Staffing – I will have a separate memo for you (maybe in the packet even) about staffing and some budget issues.


15-years of Service – Jennifer’s 15th anniversary with the town is coming up on September 29th.  I’ll have a certificate for her. It might be nice if you could start a little early on your meeting of the 27th, say 6:30 so that you could present it in person.


Town Meetings – Harvey Kelley will be available and willing to moderate the annual town meeting in 2019, but the normal 1st Tuesday following the 1st Monday he is not around. (He’s unavailable from February 22, 2019 to March 12, 2019). The first Tuesday after the first Monday is March 5th.  Might I suggest town meeting take place on March 19th & 20th?  There are some advantages to that – the chance of poor weather is diminished a bit by going 2-weeks later.  And, we’ll have Harvey!  Your call for the annual meeting date.


Also, we’re going to need a special town meeting.   The Planning Board will have a hearing on ordinance development on the 17th and those may be ready for a vote either in open meeting or by referendum soon.  And, we’re going to need to make some budget adjustments for the current fiscal year.  I’ll have a separate memo in your packet (I hope) as we’re running way over budget on recycling and Code Enforcement due to increased hours.    One of you could moderate the special meeting.


Board Chairs Meeting – Kathleen has suggested it would be a good time to have a meeting with the board chairs again.  I concur.  I have no suggestion for a date or topic of discussion, but it was productive last time we did it.


Sculpture Offer – The e-mail from Steve Salsbury which I forwarded to you on September 5th is also in your packet.  Among other things, it offers some of the sculpture crafted by the late Ralph Miro to the town, or alternatively to anyone else.  That should be an interesting discussion.


Speed Trailer – I’ve put a log of where the MDOT speed trailer was placed during the two weeks we had it (I was on “vacation” for one of those weeks).  I don’t know if we’ll get a print out of the data it supposedly collected.  During one of the times I was moving it, the very short trailer jackknifed and whacked the area above a tail light on my truck.  Maine Municipal Association is covering the damage.  They’re very good about that (I’ve got to stop going backwards!).


Transfer Station Layout – We’ve received 6 traffic cones and 3 no parking this side signs for the transfer station which Chris put into place last weekend.  He’ll be stringing rope on the cones to indicate that folks are not supposed to park on the side opposite the parking area.  That’s a first step to enhance safety by the swap shop. 


That’s all I have for now – that’s plenty!


See you the 13th.  Stu