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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of March 1, 2018


This will be your last meeting before the annual town meeting.  The agenda is fairly light, not necessarily on purpose, but it’s been fairly quiet around town. 

Minutes – Please look over the minutes of February 15th.  Written corrections are easiest for me to accomplish.

Warrant 19 – For some reason, there are a lot of tax overpayments on this warrant.  Several people apparently did not realize they’d paid their property tax in full last August and are mailing the 2nd half payment, even though nothing is due.   There will also be a transfer into the investment management account thanks to the tax payments that are coming in.  The warrant is posted on the website and will be periodically updated and printed for your meeting night.

Budget – We are in great shape financially for the rest of the year as far as I can tell.  The budget report is updated periodically on the website and will be printed for your meeting night.

Checking Account Reconciliation – If all goes well, I should be able to reconcile the bank account the day of the meeting, provided the bank statement is ready.  If not, it’ll have to be for the March 15th meeting.  If it gets done, it will be e-mailed to you.

Foreclosed Property – I tried calling the occupant of Map 19 Lot 4, and the number I had on file is no longer in service.  I will keep an eye out for when someone is home and try paying a visit.   If there is no luck with that, I would suggest bringing in the town attorney on this, as it’s heirship property.

Citizen of the Year Resolve – The full color proclamation will be ready for your signature.  This is what Jo will read off at the town meeting presentation.

Power Point – That’s my next big project for town meeting.  I’ll have the slides ready for your review on Thursday (provided the project gets started).

Posted Roads – Maine DOT has posted their roads as of 2/20/18.  We have not posted the roads for a few years – most of them are isolated by the posted state highways.  My question to you is whether you wish to post any of the town roads.  I might suggest Shore Road, Mill Road and Asa’s Lane and possibly Buttermilk Road.  The remainder of the roads are isolated by the state roads being posted.   That being said, we have limited ability to enforce a violation on the town roads.

Me Maritime Academy – Fire Station, Boat Use – I got a well thought out answer from ME Municipal Association Risk Management on this which is in your packet, as well as a sample facilities use agreement. 

Contracts – I’ve asked Casella for an MSW transport contract, have yet to receive it.  EcoMaine has been notified about winning the recycling bid.  I’ll be letting the other bidders know and Casella know that we’ll be ending our program on March 31st.  Currently, there are no contracts in to consider, yet.

Proclamation Request – Paperwork from an organization called Team Hailey Hugs is in your packet.  Up to the Board to decide whether it would approve such a proclamation.

Meeting Dates – Do you wish to set the May and June meeting dates now, or wait until after the Election?

That’s the bulk of the agenda.