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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of March 15, 2018


Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the recognition at town meeting.  You truly surprised me, and I am deeply honored and humbled.  The plaque is beautiful, and the coffee most appreciated (I’m sipping on the first purchase as I write!).  The jacket is very nice – can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit to wear it!

I’m writing this Friday morning the 9th.  The storm yesterday put a crimp into my schedule, but I did a few things at home.  I put the phone on call forwarding.  There were very few calls that came in.  A nap was most welcome, as after town meeting, we had a chimney fire call at 10:00 that night in the storm. 

I apologize for the length of the agenda.  This was supposed to be just an organizational meeting, but you’ve got a few vitally important things to take care of before the end of the month. 

Officer Election – As deputy clerk I will open your meeting and conduct the selection of a chair for the 2018/19 “season”.  After the discussion from last meeting, I will suggest putting everyone’ name into a box and having the current chair draw. 

Minutes – March 1, 2018 – These got printed on the colored paper (Jennifer was printing ballots when I hit the print button on the computer to send to the copier).  Look ‘em over for errors.

Warrant 20 – There will be a series of smallish charges on here for election night dinner, new entry rugs for the town hall, some connectors for the CTV system and the like.  The warrant will be periodically updated on the website and printed for your meeting.

The payroll for warrant 21 will occur while I am on vacation.  I will be doing a payroll before we leave and leaving the checks for distribution on March 27th with Jennifer.  Any discrepancy for hourly employees will be adjusted after I get back on the warrant 22 payroll.

Cash & Budget Reports – These will also be updated on the website and printed for your meeting.  We’re in pretty good shape and should not need to move anything from investments to cover this warrant.

Foreclosed Property – Please see the enclosed e-mail from Dan Pileggi.  I will be drafting up an installment agreement with the occupant after doing this report and placing it in your packet. I’ve talked with the occupant twice and told him to hold off on the installment agreement payment until we move forward.   With your approval on the 15th, we’ll try to get this done and filed.

Board Openings – With recent resignations, we have openings on the Budget Committee and Appeals Board.  I’ve not done anything to advertise for replacements yet.  One person has inquired about serving on the Board of Appeals.  That board has an alternate member (Mike Jordan).  The Budget Committee has an alternate as well, but he’s never shown for a meeting. 

Let’s discuss how you would like to go about advertising for members.

Assessor Office Assumption – Brian Thomas was elected to a 3-year term as an assessor in a write in campaign.  Under the election and assumption of office ordinance, that term begins July 1st.  However, the position that was elected is vacant due to a resignation that was not refilled by either election or appointment.  The Elections Ordinance does not address this situation.   The assessors meet on the 14th. 

Contracts – I am optimistic that we can hammer out a contract with Eco Maine and DM&J to be ready to sign on Thursday.  Ken Smith and I will be discussing the contract with Eco Maine in a call to them on Monday morning.  The DM&J person is on vacation this week, but I hope to hear from her on Monday.

I’ve called to speak with Jim Dunning of Casella on a contract, but he did not call back on Wednesday.

The ConnectME grant is coming up on deadline.  I’ve sent an e-mail regarding that and will print it off for your packet.

Returnables – A separate memo with statistics as requested last meeting is in your packet.  The grange has applied for the proceeds.  The next available month is December 2018, and they last benefitted last November.

Policies – There are four policies the board adopts annually having to do with disbursements on the expenditure warrant, the administrative fee schedule, your policies and procedures, and the annual mileage reimbursement.  I’ll have updated versions in your packets (with luck).

Solar Array – An e-mail forwarded by Jo is in your packet regarding a possible solar array project in town. 

Hodgkins Scholarship Subcommittee – The annual letter from Maine Community Foundation is in your packets.  The scholarship deadline is June 1st.  I’ll post a link to the application on the website.  You should decide who will sit on the subcommittee.

Town Meeting Follow Up – I’m not sure why I made so many errors this year.  A typo on the recommended warrant amount, a powerpoint error, omissions in the town report.  They were my fault – there’s been a lot going on in the office.  I apologize.  Otherwise, the meeting was very efficient, and it was the right call to go ahead with it from a weather/timing standpoint.   Any thoughts you have are appreciated.

Meeting Dates – If you could set the meeting dates for May and June, that would be personally helpful. 

Staffing absences – I will be out of the office on Tuesday at tax lien class.  There is also an executive board meeting for the Town & City Management Association on the 15th.  I’ll be back in time for your meeting.  The 16th is the Town & City Management Interchange, so I’ll not be in the office that day.

The transfer station will be manned by Brandon Robitaille on March 16th and 17th. 

I’ll be on vacation from March 22 through the 31st. 

The facilities maintenance director is on vacation and will be back on the 13th.  I’m handling janitorial matters until then. 

The CEO/LPI will be out on vacation the last week of April to the first week in May.  Mike Jordan is willing to fill in as LPI during that time. 

I will see you on Thursday, if not sooner.