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Report for Meeting of April 5, 2018


It sure was nice in Florida last week, but it’s also nice to be back home.  A lot fewer people here, and traffic isn’t nearly as confusing.  And, a lot of the snow is gone, though it’s not exactly sunshine and 80-degrees. Yet.

Monday proved to be extremely hectic.  I came in for a bit during the weekend to clean up e-mails (still a work in progress) and to sort things out for the morning.  I managed to get caught up on the treasurer stuff (took most of the day) and get the agenda prepared.

Minutes – March 15, 2018 – Please review the minutes for any errors.

Warrant 21 – I believe there will be a pair of school warrants on this warrant.  The 2nd one will come in on April 4th for a guess, so it’s likely we’ll have to transfer some money from the investment account to cover the checks.   Most everything else is routine. The warrant is posted on line and periodically updated.

You will receive the 2nd half of your Selectman’s salary on the next expenditure warrant – the payroll is set for April 11th.  (In case you were wondering it’s a bit late.  I usually schedule that for the meeting after town meeting, but it slipped my mind). 

Cash & Budget Reports – This is also posted on line and periodically updated.  A printed report will be handed out at the meeting.

Checking Account Reconciliation – The statement was not yet ready from the bank as of Monday afternoon.  I will likely get this done and e-mailed tomorrow.

Quarterly Excise Tax Report – When this is compiled tomorrow (Tuesday), it’ll be updated on the website and printed for you.  I may get this in the packet.

Property Tax Valuation –The proposed state valuation just came in today.  The state says that for 2019 the assessed value of the town is up 2.51% at just over $279,000,000. We’re still not to the point that a revaluation is necessary.

Requests – Several requests from citizens have come in during the past 3-weeks.  They’re in your packet. When I get a chance I will draft responses that you may wish to relay.

The Hancock County Planning Commission has an e-mail in your packets as well.  I met with Anne Kreig a few weeks ago on some of these matters but there’s nothing concrete yet.

Pavement Management Services Contract – Roger Picard was two weeks ago and measured Seal Point Road.  Depending on the bid price, we should have enough budgeted.  Roger, as you recall, puts the paving out to bid and supervises the paving operation.  We’ve contracted with him for several years to do this work.  His bill ($350.00 for the contract, and a down payment on his supervision cost) will be on the warrant.

Speed Trailer – We hit the lottery for the speed trailer for this summer.  Our turn comes July 30 through August 11th.

Connect ME Grant – The grant application was received by the ConnectME program.  We ended up proposing the Partridge Cove Subdivision, as it has no high speed internet availability at all.  Mike Edgecomb still maintains that Eagle Point has enough homes to require wiring.  North Road has access to DSL.  Seal Point Road also has DSL access at this time.  I’m a little leery that I ended up being the one to make the decision of where to request a grant, but time was running out.  I tried to keep everyone up to speed and heard no opposition.

Recycling – We start single stream recycling on Friday.  The ladies from ecoMaine will be at the transfer station that afternoon to train Chris, here to train me (and Jennifer), and then training the public and giving out recycle bins on Saturday at the transfer station.  Casella will move out the roll off trailers on Wednesday and Thursday, so all should be in place.  I’m kind of excited about this.

Ambassadorship – The Board of Directors for the Maine Town & City Management Association has requested that I apply to be an ambassador for the organization, assisting other managers in Hancock County.  I already to that informally, this would not really require any more time except for a meeting or two with the other ambassadors.  The application needs support from the elected board.

Lamoine Quarterly – I hope to make a big dent in this before the meeting.  With the new recycling program coming, that’ll be a big front page story!  The plan is to get it done early next week and e-mailed for editing prior to publishing.

Executive Session – We have a personnel matter that an employee wishes to discuss in executive session. 

I will see you Thursday evening.