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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of April 19, 2018


Greetings from the town office.  It has not exactly been baseball weather so far this month.  The umpiring assignments have both been canceled (which did not sadden me, as umping in 35-degree weather is not that fun).  But, the crocuses are up, and the sunshine is higher in the sky, and we’re inching toward summer.

Your agenda is not particularly long for this week.

Minutes – April 5, 2018 – Please look over the minutes.  Written corrections are most welcome.

Warrant 22 – This was a large payroll as your semi-annual payment is on here.  There will be school warrants on this added the day before the meeting.  The snow plowing bill for both Richard and the annual hydrant plowing bill from Skip Smith are also here.  The warrant will be periodically updated on the website and printed for your signature on meeting night.

Cash-Budget Reports – These will be periodically updated on the website and printed for your meeting.

Installment Sale – I will be getting in touch with the person with whom we agreed to sell the property that was foreclosed for unpaid tax liens.  I’ve not yet received any payment from him.   This could pose an issue.

Landfill Water Testing – I made contact with MAI Environmental which has tested the wells the DEP installed around the landfill many years ago.  They claim they called last year and left a message for me to call.  I never got the message.  They were supposed to test last year.  That didn’t happen (we did test the residential wells).  They have sent a proposal to test those wells this year.

We did not budget money for that this year.  It is in next year’s budget.  That’s the bad news.  We really do need to test the wells this year, and the estimate is $3,800.  The good news is that we will have plenty of money in the solid waste budget if things keep going the way they are.  We budgeted a significant increase in PERC rates and I believe we’ll come in at least $5,000 under budget, giving us room to do the landfill testing. 

I am requesting that you accept the proposal from MAI Environmental.

Appointments – We have three people who’ve expressed interest in serving on the Board of Appeals.  All three have been invited to the meeting.  There are no takers for the Budget Committee.  I’ve also had no communication from the current alternate member who has never shown for a meeting.   

Citizen Request Discussion – Wynne Guglielmo has gotten back to us and will be in attendance to discuss her requests for an infrastructure/speed limit committee and creating a business directory.

Recycling – We had a great first weekend of single sort recycling.  It filled the container and that has been hauled to Winterport and replaced for the coming weekend.  The ecoMaine ladies were very impressed.   They had given out all 100 recycling bins by 10:30 in the morning.  People were very receptive to the new system, and traffic jams were reported at the transfer station when it opened up. 

We can get additional bins from ecoMaine.  They’re $7.50 each, but we would have to drive to Portland to pick them up.   I think there is some demand for these and wonder if we want to pick up 25 of them to sell.

The other issue is compaction.  I’ve put an e-mail from ecoMaine in your packets with information on compactors.  Chris is also quite familiar with compactors.   The obvious advantage is less hauling cost.  The disadvantage is the purchase and operational cost.  We’d have to install 3-phase power to the facility and the attendant would have to supervise operation.   Let’s discuss it.

Solar Array – I have called Revision Energy. They are in Liberty and the person who answered said they would have someone call back.  So far, no call back.

Cable TV – The school channel is almost ready to go.  Spectrum/Charter has hooked up the channel.  I’ve run the cabling from our system to the Charter system.  The picture is not correct.  I’ll be working with Connectivity Point to get a clear picture to Spectrum.  I’m optimistic this will take place in the next week. 

We’ve received notice from Spectrum that all system TV’s will need a digital conversion box to receive their service.  This includes the TV’s at the school, fire station and town hall.  I’ve put a copy of their message in your packet.

Lamoine Quarterly – It’s half done as I write (Wednesday).  My goal is to get it all done by tomorrow afternoon.  I will e-mail the draft for editing to you.  If you could please get back to me with edits, it would be most appreciated.

Meeting Dates – You’ll notice July and August are on the list.  Generally it’s a once a month meeting over the summer if possible.  I don’t know if the board is ready to set those dates, but it’s on the agenda for discussion.

See you on Thursday!