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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of May 3, 2018


Good gracious it has been very busy here at the town office as April nears an end.  Jennifer had to take today (Thursday, 4/26) so I’m attempting to keep all the balls in the air. 


Your agenda isn’t too tedious for now.


Minutes – April 19, 2018 – Please look over the minutes for errors. Written corrections are easiest.


Expenditure Warrant 23 – Nothing terribly large thus far.  It will be updated on the website periodically and printed at meeting time.


Cash & Budget Reports – These also will be updated on the website and printed at meeting time.


Checking Account Reconciliation This should be done on May 2nd and I will e-mail it to you.


Foreclosed Property Installment Sale – A letter to the occupant is in your packet.  So far, no communication.


Special Town Meeting Warrant – I’m still waiting for the warrant language from the school committee.  The Budget Committee has recommended the proposed school budget.  The two other items are from the Planning Board are in the draft that you got last meeting.  I’ll have the latest draft in your packet, but that won’t be done until Monday.


Resignation – Connie Bender – Connie has submitted her resignation from the Board of Appeals.  She’s been a great member and currently serves as Secretary.  You just appointed Larissa Thomas as an alternate member to the Board.  Let’s discuss the replacement method.


Roads – I won’t have a list in your packet, as my plan is to do the ride-around on Wednesday and will compose a list for Thursday evening.  We had a lot of reports of issues with the heavy rains today.   Roger Picard was opening the paving bids on May 1st in Dover-Foxcroft.  I may have results for the meeting.


Solar Array – In your packets is a spreadsheet showing all the energy use by public buildings in town.  I’ve sent this to Re-Vision Energy and an engineer will be calling me on Monday to talk more.  I should have an update for you on Thursday.


Ambulance Contract – Gary asked about the County Ambulance Contract status.  It expires at the end of June.  I spoke with John Partridge this (Thursday) afternoon, and he’s not ready to commit to another contract because of staffing and economic issues.  He was very frank about the issues and the future viability of the ambulance service.  He said he would keep us posted.


Marlboro Beach Requests – An e-mail from the Parks Commission chair is in the packet.  Cathi says they talked with the Conservation Commission and Frenchman Bay conservancy about a minimalist sign for the park.  The trash barrel and moving the dogi-pot station should be pretty easy for Rick Gallegos.


Hancock County Planning Cmsn Request – In your packet is a request from the HCPC to support a grant to study Jordan River.  There’s a letter for you to sign as well. Anne Kreig confirms it will not cost the town anything to support this.  She’s also asked for a support letter from the Conservation Commission which I’ve forwarded to them.


Performance Review Schedule – The CEO’s contract required a performance review to end the probationary period on May 1st.  I’m presuming that your meeting with her earlier in the month pretty much served as that, though no formal written review was done. 


You’ve reviewed the rest of us (Clerk, myself, transfer station mgr) annually and it’s getting to be time for that to happen if you wish.  The goal of this item is to set a date to do so, and discuss if you wish to change the format any.


The July and August meeting dates are still open.  I will be looking to take a vacation (again already????)  the last week of July/first week of August, and most likely the week between Christmas and New Year.  That will be on the addendum.


See you Thursday evening.