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Report for Meeting of June 7, 2018









Happy last month of the fiscal year.  I’ll apologize if the town of this report sounds strained – for some reason, the computers in the tax collection office have stopped communicating with the computer in my office which holds most of the databases from which we work.  I’ve tried resetting everything multiple times with no success.  It has put a crimp into our method of doing business!  Brett Jones was planning to come in today to see if we can come up with a solution.


Remember, you will be meeting at 6PM, starting in executive session for personnel review(s) and the Hodgkins Scholarship Committee will also meet.  The scholarship applications are just now rolling in.  The regular meeting will start at 7:00 PM.


Personnel Reviews – Blank evaluation forms are in your packet – though mine has the self-evaluation part filled in.


Minutes May 16, 2018 It seems like a long time since we’ve met.  The minutes from the last meeting which was after town meeting are in your packet.  Written corrections are most welcome.


Expenditure Warrant 25 – The warrant will likely require a transfer from investments to checking to cover the amount.  The School expenditures will total about $70,000.  There will be a pair of town employee payrolls on the warrant.


Cash & Budget Reports – I will do a rundown of administrative legal expenses for your packet, since those have been mounting with the Appeals Board work.  The revenue budget looks very healthy.  This will be updated on line periodically, and printed off for meeting night.


Checking Account Reconciliation – That will likely be my Saturday morning project.  You will receive e-mail of the reconciliation documents when that is done.


Tax Lien Foreclosure Status – There has been no communication from either heir of the property that we sold by installment agreement, and no payments received.  I look forward to suggestions.


Cell Phones – I’ve enclosed an e-mail thread with Verizon Wireless.  The phone I carry is dying (and according to VZW) very old.  Free upgrades are available for all four phones we have (Fire, Transfer Station, Animal Control), and I’ve returned the paper work to them with the understanding that no plan charges will increase and the phone upgrades are free.  I await the phones.


Paving Contract – The contract from Vaughn Thibodeau to pave Seal Point Road arrived just before you were to meet last time.  There was no time to review it.  I called and explained that you would be asked to sign the contract at this meeting and they seemed to be OK with that.  I did review the contract, and the price is what was bid through Roger Picard.  They plan to start paving June 11th, which will require an order from the Board to authorize paving prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year with payment due after July 1, 2018.


Treasurer Certification – Just FYI – I have been certified by the Maine Municipal Tax Collectors’ & Treasurers’ Association as a “lifetime Treasurer”, which means the town gets a discount on property and casualty insurance, and I don’t ever have to recertify. 


Request – meet with Attorney Pileggi re: MacQuinn Appeal – The request came from Selectman Rybarz.  As you know, Dan has represented the Planning Board on the MacQuinn Appeal.  Diane O’Connell represented the Appeals Board during the Appeal.  The Board of Appeals has over-ruled the Planning Board’s permit denials on the MacQuinn Pit expansion.   I expect that Appeals Board chair Fenton and member Jon VanAmringe will be present for your meeting. 


We could potentially end up in a situation of the town taking itself to court.  As your treasurer, my advice is to not have that happen.


Comprehensive Planning - Fred Stocking will be present with a status report on the Comp Plan, and a request to keep the consultant on board for additional services within the remaining comp plan encumbrance.


Re-Vision energy – I have not yet received any formal proposal from Revision Energy for a solar array either at the landfill or the salt sand shed.  I will send them a reminder soon.  They had wished to meet with the board on June 7th.


Transfer Station Matters – In your packet are a couple of memoranda from the facility manager regarding a swap shop matter and a suggestion for compaction.  I’ve also put a memo from Eco Maine regarding an additional recycling container.


Amended Ordinances – The two ordinances that were amended at the May 16, 2018 town meeting are ready to sign for the official town record.  They will be updated and new ordinances printed once you sign them.


Connect Me Grant – The grant was rejected.  The official notification is in your packet.  The Tech Committee meets on June 11th to discuss this and finalizing the franchise agreement with Charter.


Appointment Status – After putting this meeting together, my next tasks will be to e-mail current office holders to inquire whether they wish to be reappointed.  I have written to the Budget committee alternate and asking him to indicate whether he wants to continue.  The letter is in your packet, and some action will be required at this meeting.


Honor Grads – We have one from Ellsworth HS.  I’m still waiting on the list from MDI. Resolves honoring their accomplishments will be ready to sign.


Other – The school CTV channel is now active.  I’ll program the two recorded shows to play back often over the next week, but the technology now works as of yesterday (5/30).

You set your July (12th) and August (9) dates last meeting.  Wanna do September?  (the Thursdays are 6, 13, 20 and 27. There is a month between the meetings in July and August, and heavens knows what issues will crop up.  You will have to sign some expenditure warrants in between meetings.


If you don’t finish the employee reviews/Hodgkins Scholarship executive session prior to the meeting, you can go back into executive session to do so. 


See you on Thursday!