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Report for June 21, 2017


This is your final regular meeting for the fiscal year, though I would not rule out a special meeting if things get backed up.  You might want to discuss that if you wish.

The agenda is very busy and I apologize for that.  Remember, you’ll start with employee reviews at 6:30 PM. 

Minutes – June 7 – I apologize for how long it took to get the minutes done and posted (yesterday, Thursday).  The primary election was far business than I had expected it would be and I had intended to get them done on Tuesday, but the election required a lot more attention because of turnout than expected.   They are posted and written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 26 – This is another thing that I’ll be working on today and will post what I have and periodically update.  The printed version will be on the table for meeting night.    We will have to transfer some money to cover the expenditures – the school payroll being the largest. 

Warrant 27 & 1 – We have the paving bill for Seal Point Road, but funding is not available until July 1st.  There will be plenty of straggling bills for warrant 27.  Might I suggest that you swing by on July 3rd to sign both FY 18 warrant 27 and FY 19 warrant 1?  That is the warrant where I pay the one-time expenses approved by town meeting (social services, library, shellfish enforcement, etc.) and the paving bills will be on that warrant which will necessitate a large transfer from investments to cover.

Budget Reports – The report will be updated periodically on the website and a printed copy for meeting night will be on the table.

Encumbrance Order – This is the annual order where you set aside unexpended funds from the budget for approved projects.  Most of those will involve road projects that you approved earlier that have not yet been performed.  The Comprehensive Plan will also be encumbered with what’s left for the final time.  I will have the order on the table for Thursday, but will try to e-mail it to you ahead of time.

Tax Acquired Property – I’ll place a copy of the letter to the installment agreement parties in your packet when that’s done.

Heating Fuel Bids – Those went out in the mail this week and are due back by 4PM on Thursday.  I’ve alerted the other towns and school departments to this.

MDOT Local Road Assistance – They’re early this year!    We sign this annually to get our money from MDOT, usually in December.  A copy will be in your packets.

Board of Appeals – The gravel ordinance decision has been signed.  It will be distributed to the parties of interest, probably in today’s mail and e-mailed.  A copy is in your packet.  The Appeals Board meets on the 19th to finalize a decision on the Site Plan Review application. 

This is a hold-over from the previous meeting, and I expect a good sized attendance on this matter at the Selectboard level.  You were requested to meet with attorney Pileggi after the decisions to discuss what the next steps for the town might be.   If the board agrees to meet with him, it would be best to do so in Executive Session.   That’s where a special meeting would be in order.

Technology Committee – The Tech Committee is recommending moving forward with the franchise agreement with Charter/Spectrum, pending final individual review.  I’ll print that off for the packet.  The committee will also be present at your meeting.  There has been some discussion about the franchise fee, and developing a budget for using the funds.

They are also recommending that the Technology Committee be expanded to 5-members.

Finally, the committee wants a plan to move forward with wiring the un-cabled areas of town.  There is no consensus on how to do it, but there was some thought about using Mike Edgecomb of Sewall Company for further consultation on how to move forward.

Re-vision Energy – They are scheduled to give a solar presentation at your meeting.  I’m in hopes that they’ll have a proposal available ahead of time. 

Additional Code Enforcement Hours – Rebecca will be here (I told her 8-o’clock or so) to discuss the request for having her additional hours.   Where some of this involves contract negotiation, you may want to move that to executive session at the end of the meeting.

Personnel Appointments – A list of personnel who desire to be reappointed will be in your packet (I’ll post it on line, too). 

Transfer Station – Ken Smith dropped off very detailed specifications for a compactor. That’s in your packet.  Chris prepared a memorandum regarding his concerns about improperly disposed of materials which caused a small oil spill last weekend.  That’s also in your packet. 

ContractsCounty Ambulance – I spoke with John Partridge earlier this week.  He wants to continue on a month by month basis, as he’s still unsure of their future.  At this point there is no contract to sign.

Employee contracts – You already have signed contracts with Jennifer and me.  Our other contracted employees are the transfer station manager, facilities maintenance, Code Enforcement, and animal control.  I don’t expect to have those ready (with the exception of animal control) until after you have discussions with the employees, which take place earlier in the meeting.  This also might be a good reason to have a special meeting.

Marlboro Beach Celebration – The event is Saturday after your meeting at 2PM at the beach.  You are invited and it should be fun.  I’ve got a preliminary itinerary in your packet.

Meeting Dates – The August 9th date is a potential conflict for me, but also a good excuse to leave the New England Management Institute early!  It’s at Sunday River again this year, and I’ll likely head there Tuesday the 7th and back after Wednesday evening. 

I apologize for the length of the agenda.  Be prepared for a long evening.