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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of August 9, 2018


I’m writing this on August 3rd, having come into the office during “vacation” just to try to get caught up and give Jennifer a break.  It’s been a hectic week I understand, but luckily, the agenda for your next meeting is not all that long.


I’ve been placing the speed display trailer in various parts of town since Sunday evening.  That’s generated some facebook comments and a lot of suggestions. 


I will be out of the office from Tuesday afternoon (8/7) until Thursday morning (8/9) attending the town and city management training at Sunday River.


I don’t have a lot to report beyond what is on the agenda.  It’s been about a month since you last met.  We’ve been keeping up with business in the office, but it has indeed been very hectic.


Minutes – July 12, 2018 – Please look over the minutes for errors and corrections.


Expenditure Warrant 3 – You signed this warrant individually on July 26th.  There was a large school warrant which was paid.    If you have questions, please let me know.


Expenditure Warrant 4 – This will be periodically updated on the website and printed for Thursday.  So far it has payroll and month end reports, but there are quite a few bills (mostly small) that have come in this week. 


Cash & Budget Reports – The report for FY 2017/18 continues to change a bit as straggling bills still come in.  The FY 2018/19 report will also be updated periodically on the website and printed for meeting night.


Foreclosed Property – An e-mail from Dan Pileggi is in your packet suggesting the next step in the foreclosure process.  My advice is that we have him draw up the item he suggests for delivery to the parties.


Checking Account Reconciliation – I’ll be doing that this weekend and will e-mail it to you when it’s ready.


2017/18 Tax Liens – We’ve cut down the uncollected property taxes by about half and will be filing fewer than 70-liens on Monday or Tuesday.


CTV – Joint Project with Hancock – You asked last meeting that this be on the agenda.  So far, we’ve not scheduled anything.  I’ll try to get hold of their administrator to see if that’s something they wish to push soon.


Planning Board Ordinance Hearing – The Planning Board has two ordinances that they’re proposing to upgrade.  One is a new Shoreland Zoning Ordinance to meet state standards, and to add new cluster housing language to the Building and Land Use Ordinance.  The hearing will be September 17th.


Recycling/Compaction – The second recycling container is making a good difference.  Initially, we were hauling both each week.  Now, both dumpsters are fairly full, but with some capacity left on Friday.  We’re trying using the nearly full containers for Friday with a haul late Friday/early Saturday so it’s just one haul per week.  Seems to be working OK, but it was pretty tight today.  DM&J arrived around 4PM, so Chris shut the station down while they swapped out the container, causing a bit of a backup.  I got calls. 


MMA Ballot – This is the annual election ballot.  Everyone seems to be unopposed.  It’s in your packet.


Appointments/Resignations – Bill Butler has agreed to serve another term on the Tech Committee.  Greg Stone is stepping down from the Rec Committee.


Meeting Dates – If you could swing by on August 23rd to sign an expenditure warrant, that would be most helpful.  You’ve set your October and September meetings. 


Executive Session – There are a pair of personnel matters for executive session.  The materials are in your packet.


That’s it for now.  There may be addenda materials.