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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting - August 30, 2018


Happy end of summer.  It’s been a beautiful week for weather here in Lamoine, and some much needed rain fell the other day.  We could use more. 


Here in the office it has continued to be quite hectic.   I’ve got some staffing ideas that I would like to discuss at the first meeting in September.  We’ve both taken some vacation time this month, and between that and the sheer amount of customer service business, some things have not been done that should be already.


This coming meeting is a very limited special meeting. 


Minutes, August 9, 2018 – Please review the minutes in this packet and we can get those approved relatively quickly.  Please note any changes that might be needed.


County Ambulance Update – As noted in the letter from County that came earlier this week, their service will end on 8/31.  Capital Ambulance will cover us for now.  I’m not sure they’ve planned to have enough ambulances and staff to cover the sheer number of calls that County did, time will tell.  The purpose for placing this on the agenda is to see if you have any questions that should be directed to Capital that haven’t been answered.  There is no agreement yet to discuss.


Executive Session – You are meeting with Dan Pileggi to discuss litigation from Friends of Lamoine regarding the MacQuinn suit.  By statute, this will be in executive session, unless for some reason you opt to have it in open session.


If you have something emergent to add to the agenda, please let me know, and it can be placed on an addendum.