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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of October 11, 2018


Happy October.  The view out my window is quite spectacular.  The Girl Scouts have planted mums along the veterans’ memorial walkway and they’re in full bloom.  The leaves have started to change.


Absentee balloting has kept the office busy since the ballots came in yesterday. 


I’ve made significant progress in preparing for the annual audit – closing the income and expense accounts is next on the list of tasks following putting the meeting packet together.   Your agenda seems relatively short.


Minutes, September 27, 2018 – Please look over the minutes and make written corrections if possible.


Warrant 8 – The ladder truck payment will be on here, though it has yet to arrive.  When it does and the fire department accepts it, the check will be ready to deliver.  I’ll periodically update the warrant on the website and print the final version for the meeting.


Cash & Budget Reports – As mentioned, the asset and liability accounts are reconciled for FY 2017/18, so that budget report is finalized. A printed copy is in your packet.  The FY18/19 budget report will be updated on the website and printed on meeting night.


Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed to you earlier this week.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Quarterly Excise Tax Report – This will be printed and in your packets and updated on the website.


Foreclosed Property – I’ll have a separate (short) memorandum on this. 


State Valuation 2019 – The printed report from the State of Maine is in your packets.  A 30-year history of state vs. local valuation is also in your packets (and on the website).


Comprehensive Plan Funds – Fred Stocking tells me that he’s going to be about $600 short due to printing costs.  I’ve suggested the printing costs could come from the Administration account as opposed to having a special town meeting to raise the funding for the comp plan committee.  I’ll ask you to endorse that idea.


Town Meeting – The Planning Board has finalized the two ordinances, I’ve given David Herrick the proposed change to the Harbor Ordinance and have not received any comment.  The Comp Plan is about ready to go.   You discussed having the comp plan as a separate meeting.  The ordinances and some budget adjustments could make for its own grouped meeting.  Any thoughts as to when?


Code Enforcement – CEO Albright is meeting with a pair of alleged Shoreland Zoning violators (cutting too much vegetation) on Tuesday.  I may have an update for you after that happens.


Smoking Policy – I have not drafted anything yet.  It’s on the list (in my head) for next week.


Speed Sign – An e-mail from MDOT is in your packet.  It reads “OK, your in”.


Lamoine quarterly – After the audit info is prepared, that’s the next of the projects.  It is at least started.


Ladder Truck – The truck is expected to be here sometime around October 24th, the day before your meeting at the fire station.


Budget Workshop – As I work on the Lamoine Quarterly, the work on the annual budget will start too. 


Next meetings – Your October 25th meeting will be at the fire station (Justin Zinke will record it).  I will be sending out invites to the board chairs and department heads for November 15th by e-mail, shortly.


If you have dates for December and January in mind, that would be helpful.


See you Thursday the 11th.