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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of October 25, 2018


Greetings from the Town Hall where sadly the furnace is quietly pumping hot air this morning.  The wind is blowing a gale today (Thursday the 18th) and I fear the foliage will disappear quickly.  I have officially passed into the next decade as of the 15th.  I know I’m in good company amongst the board! 


Remember, this meeting will be in the fire station.  Please park in the school parking area, not in front of the bay doors.  The Fire trucks will likely be outside anyway (provided it’s not freezing). Justin Zinke will be recording it. 


Just a quick plug – the fireman’s supper is on the 20th at 5PM at the school.  Tickets are available at the town office or at the door. 


Minutes, October 11, 2018 – Please review the minutes for errors, thank you.


Warrant 9 – The school warrants are a bit on the hefty side and will require a transfer from investments to the checking account of about $100,000.  That transfer will come on Wednesday morning the 24th as the school transfer will be made the morning of your meeting so the payroll deposit doesn’t bounce!  The warrant will be periodically updated on the website.


Cash & Budget Reports – The report will be updated on the website periodically and printed for the meeting.


Foreclosed property update- In the packet is a letter to the heirs of the property the town acquired through lien foreclosure and subsequently entered into an installment purchase agreement with.  You had asked for a payment plan to be submitted by meeting night and payment by the end of October to get caught up.  If something is submitted, it will be with your materials. 


Fire Department – The ladder truck is getting ready to ship as I write, but there is some paperwork that the broker needs to take care of before I send them the check.  They need the check, they say, to take the truck across the US/Canadian border. I’ll be talking with the broker this morning. 


Recreation Committee – You were copied on the e-mail from the Rec Committee and concerns about volunteer staffing.  I’ve invited them to meet with you to discuss possible ideas.


MDOT Speed Sign – An e-mail and sample contract from MDOT is in your packet.  We apparently will have to periodically move the sign around to gather data, and we’ll need a laptop to pull the data from the unit.  Both are doable – the laptop the CEO used to use is compatible. 


Town meeting items – I spoke with John Holt regarding the Shoreland Zoning map.  He said there was a map at the public hearing and he is in the process of updating the map and having it printed.  He may attend the meeting. 


The Appeals Board plans to put the finishing touches on their proposed ordinance Tuesday night.  I’ve printed the latest draft that I had (late September) and placed it in your packets. 


David Herrick and Kevin Murphy have looked over the proposed amendment to the Harbor Ordinance.  David tells me there may be more language they wish to add before it goes to town meeting, but I’ve not yet seen it.  I’ll make sure to keep that conversation alive.


Budget – The only urgent matter at this point is the Code Enforcement Budget.


I will draft a town meeting warrant for the items listed which may help visualize what is proposed to be sent to voters.  We can discuss possible dates, etc.


Budget Workshop – The Budget Committee has still not been able to hold its organizational meeting due to time conflicts.  The Administration budget narrative is next on my to-do list.  The Parks Commission has presented a budget blueprint to me as well. 


League of Towns Meeting Materials – Kathleen attended the elected officials meeting tonight (the 18th) and brought back lots of reading material.  It’s in your packet, and thank-you for attending.


Next Meetings – You could help set the agenda for the Board Chair/Department head meeting at this meeting.  If you can set the January meetings (Thursdays are 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31) that might be helpful, too.


There is nothing for executive session at this time.


See you at the fire station on Thursday.