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Report for Meeitng of November 15, 2018


This was quite a week at the town office, pretty much packed into one day!  Election Day was a bit of a mad house.  Jennifer scrambled to hire ballot clerks.  Our thanks to Griff Fenton and Martha Nickerson for stepping up to do the jobs along with Joan Broussard and Marion McDevitt.  At times voters were line up out the door in the rain waiting to get it, but we managed to get nearly 800 people through the more complex than usual balloting!  Only one absentee ballot would not go through the tabulation machine.   After seeing and hearing reports of people waiting more than an hour to vote, we’re feeling pretty good that about the longest wait was right at the beginning of the day, and that was about 20-minutes.

The strain on the town hall was a bit much at times – there were some severe parking issues that because our space is so constrained we have no other options at the moment other than to possibly have staff park their vehicles elsewhere.   Jenn opted to take a couple vacation days this week (Thursday and Friday), and Nancy Jones is ably filling in.  Business was pretty slow yesterday and Friday (as I write) no one has been in yet for service.

Your agenda is relatively short in order to focus on the board chair/department heads meeting. I will try to maximize table space and chairs – we could have a good crowd.

Minutes – October 25, 2018 – This was your meeting at the fire station.  Look them over for errors. 

By the way, the new ladder truck arrived the following Sunday night.  It looks great.  The guys have made a few minor repairs (burned out lights, some lubrication), but it got an inspection sticker and the truck has been nicely lettered and runs well so far.  (I even drove it this week, and in anticipation of your question, NO, I didn’t hit anything!).

Warrant 10 – Thank you for coming in to sign.  If you have questions about any of the expenditures, please bring them up.

Warrant 11 – As of this writing, there are no vouchers to add to the warrant.  That will change.  It will be posted on the website when a warrant is generated and the budget report updated as well, with a print out for you on meeting night.

Cash & Budget Reports – You got a written one with warrant 10.  As noted above this will be updated on the website and printed on meeting night.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed to you last Saturday morning.  There were no issues with balancing the checkbook.

Foreclosed Property – As of this writing the occupant has made the payment that was due.  The next payment is due the day after your meeting.  The fire department responded to the home yesterday (Thursday) for a flooded basement report.  There was a lot of water in the cellar which was pumped out.  I let the occupant’s sister/co-heir know about that and asked if there was some way to encourage cleanup of the trash that is strewn about the yard. 

Resignation – Amanda Frost has resigned as the chair of the Recreation Committee.  She has some concerns that are outlined in your packet.  You are due to meet with the committee on November 29th. 

Board Chairs/Department Heads meeting – I’ve sent an e-mailed memo to those involved.  Comments prior the meeting are encouraged.  I look forward to a robust discussion.  A couple of matters (smoking policy, fee schedule) are listed as topics of discussion.  The fee schedule has actually become quite a work in progress as Rebecca, John Holt, and I have worked through a lot of language and real life situations. The items listed under the heading are a combination of what the Board had requested and the two items we could use some input on.

That’s all that is on the schedule for now.  Your next meeting dates are listed. You’ve not set dates in February yet.  Might I suggest the 14th and 28th?  The other two Thursdays are the 7th and 21st.  (School vacation week is 2/21).  I would think the annual town meeting warrant could be signed on the 14th, and the town report finalized at that time.  

See you on the 15th.