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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 4, 2018

Welcome to winter.  I am writing this about 3-hours after the official winter solstice, which means the days start getting longer.  Unfortunately that does not translate to the temperature going higher, and some weather’s predicted for the Christmas weekend.

A reminder that I’m “on vacation” Wednesday through Friday of next week.  I’m on the office alone today and likely tomorrow as well as Jennifer contracted an unpleasant ailment of some sort.  My apologies at having to shut down for lunch and a little early on Thursday and most likely on Friday unless she’s feeling better.  I am also supposed to be at the Lamoine Consolidated School Friday morning to read a story to the children, and I intend to keep that obligation as well. 

You’ve got a lot on the agenda and it’ll be a busy meeting.  Unfortunately, there is not a lot for your packet at this time.

Minutes – Please look over the December 14th minutes and submit written corrections.

Warrant 14 – My intent is to print that this Friday the 22nd and have it ready for signature when we reopen on Wednesday the 27th.  I will most likely come in and update it early on the 27th.  If you could swing by and sign it, I’ll send out the checks after getting enough signatures. The warrant will be posted on the town’s website as well

Warrant 15 – I will start working on this Saturday the 30th and will update it periodically on the website.

Cash & Budget Reports – This will be periodically updated on the website.  I’ll have a hard copy for the meeting.

Checking Account Reconciliation – I will get to that before the meeting and e-mail the files to you as usual.

Quarterly Excise Tax Report – This will be prepared and printed for the meeting.

FY 2017 Audit – I spoke with Jim Wadman this morning and the audit will be ready in time for your meeting.  I’m anxious to see where things stand in regard to fund balance.

RFP’s – I will print off the RFPs for MSW transport, Recycling Program and Snow Plowing.  I’ve spoken with at least one interested party for recycling and snow plowing and we’ll get bids in for those, I’m sure.  My suggestion would be to open the bids and not award right away necessarily, but give us time to analyze the bids. 

Cable TV – The Tech Committee meets on Tuesday 1/2/18 at 8AM.  Kathleen sent an e-mail regarding a couple of wiring proposals which I’ve printed for your packet.

Town Meeting – John Holt is devising some definitions for various road variations to possibly include in the proposed amendments.  I’m not sure if he’ll have something ready for this or the next meeting.  The Planning Board doesn’t meet until the 8th.

Last year you had discussed having a candidate’s night prior to the municipal election.  Did you wish to discuss that again with a goal of making it happen?

It’s time to talk about a citizen of the year nomination.  Please bring your ideas.  I will have one for you.

Budget Committee Recommendations – The Budget committee has recommended the amounts submitted, but with the potential alteration based on the RFPs being opened at this meeting.  When I get the minutes done, they’ll be in your packet.

Town Report – If all goes well, I’ll have your draft report for the town report ready for you to look over and edit

I’ll contact Xpress Copy after the first of the year on the price.

Executive Session – My contract expires on June 30th.  Might you wish to discuss a renewal for another 3-years now?  Let’s discuss it.

I hope you all have a nice holiday season!