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Admistrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 18, 2018


As I write the report for this meeting I am most grateful to the various Boards of Selectmen who’ve kept me employed for 25-years as of today (January 11th).  Few municipal administrators spend 25-years in the same community, and I truly appreciate the stability the town has offered. 

You’ve got a busy agenda!

Now that nomination papers have been submitted, a copy of your packet will be supplied to Wynne Guglielmo who is also running for the board in March.

Minutes – January 6, 2018 – Look over the minutes and bring any written corrections if possible.

Warrant 16 – This will be updated on the website periodically and printed on meeting night.  We’ve got the school warrants and the plowing bill, but should have enough money in the checking account to cover everything at this point.  The only unusual bill is an order from the Conservation Commission for water testing supplies for the GET WET program.

Cash & Budget Report – This too will be updated on the website.  Now that we have the audit for FY 17 done, I’ll fill in the fund balance account impacts.  Initially it will not show anything as I have to manually populate those cells and it’ll take a while.  Not my highest priority.

Tax Foreclosure Update – I’ve included the latest printout for tax liens for 2015/16 which remain unpaid.  I’m a little concerned there has been little collection activity as of late.   Foreclosure date is January 28th.

Meet with Tech Committee, Attorney re CTV Franchise Agreement – Dan Pileggi will be here and the tech committee is invited so that we’re all on the same page on the franchise agreement, because I’m not really sure where things stand.  This will be a good chance to finalize some language.   I’ve printed off the latest proposed franchise agreement and it’s included in your packet.

MSW & Recycling Bids – A detailed analysis of the bids for trash transportation and recycling is in your packets along with the submissions.  The lady from Ecomaine may be at the meeting to offer information on their offer.

Plowing Contract – Provided I get to it, a first draft of the new plow contract will be ready for review.

Adm. Asst. Contract – I most likely will NOT get to it, but will work on a new contract with me following our discussion last meeting.

Conservation Commission Fiscal Sponsor – The Conservation Commission tells me they’re working to get a grant for the GET WET program from the Maine Community Foundation and they need a fiscal sponsor.  I’ve asked that they get the paper work to us for the next meeting.  As of this writing, it has not come in.

Board of Assessors The invitation for the Board of Assessors to meet with the Selectmen was extended during their meeting yesterday morning.  The Assessors replied that they would prefer to wait until after the annual town meeting so they can prepare a list of options that might be considered in regard to assessing in the future.  They will not be at your February 1, 2018 meeting.

Returnable Requests – There are a bunch of requests, I listed them in order that they appeared on the e-mail from the school.  The first available month is May of 2018. 

Lamoine Quarterly – That’s my next goal.  I got it started a while ago, but between vacation, illness, and weather, nothing more has been done.  I will do my darndest to get it done before your meeting and ready to review. 

Town Report/Warrant – This is a work in progress (and very little progress has been done at this point).  I hope to have a draft warrant ready for review on Thursday, and will endeavor to get a lot done with the town report.

Vacation – I hope to have a range of vacation dates in late March that I would like to take.  My wife is working on that as we speak.

As of now, there is nothing for executive session.   A reminder that the office is closed on the 15th for the federal holiday.  I will be in that morning to do payroll and whatever else I can squeeze in.

Have a good week