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For meeting of February 1, 2018


Happy late January.  Nice to see most of the snow has gone away and it’s dry (at the moment).  Makes it much easier to keep the town hall clean.

I have been working on the town report for much of the week and it’s slowly coming together.  I will print what is done for your packets, and if there are no abnormalities next week, it will get done for the meeting. 

Your agendas are printed on green paper this time – it happened that I printed them on the photocopier that was loaded with green paper for sample ballots.  There was no special reason behind that. 

Minutes – January 18, 2018 – Please look over the draft minutes and submit written corrections if possible.

Warrant 17 – The warrant will lead off with tax lien discharges, as the deadline is Sunday January 28, 2018.  I’m writing this on Friday the 26th and plan to file discharges of those who’ve paid between your last meeting and today, thus I’ll have to cut a check for the Registry of Deeds.  The school warrant will be on here as well.  The warrant will be posted and updated on the website periodically, and printed along with the financial reports the day of your meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports – These will be printed for meeting night and posted and updated on the website periodically prior to that.

Foreclosures – As referenced above, the automatic foreclosure date is January 28.  As of this writing, there are 5 properties with unpaid liens.  One is in bankruptcy, so a foreclosure notice is forbidden.   You will have a list of those that automatically foreclosed in order to take some action on meeting night.

Checking Account Reconciliation – Presuming the bank statement is available earlier in the day, I hope to get the reconciliation ready for the meeting.  If not, it’ll have to wait until your meeting on the 15th.

Annual Town Meeting Warrant – The Parks Commission has agreed with Nate that funding for the possible Pinkham Park should not be included in the budget until such time as the land is donated to the town.  I have removed that from the capital projects budget as well as the source of funding (Hodgkins Fund) from the revenue budget for the warrant. This will have no impact on the property taxes needed to be raised on the bottom line.

There are just 25 articles on the warrant, most of them the annual municipal budget. 

Town Report 2017 – As mentioned above, I hope to have this ready to go for your approval on Thursday.  What’s done thus far is included in your packets.

Fire Department – ISO Rating – The company that sets the fire insurance rating has sent a letter changing that rating.  I’ve tried visiting their website and it’s a mystery to me how to navigate it to find out any useful information.  Chief Smith has seen the letter, and I’ll be calling them next week to try to find out more on what needs to be done to improve it.

Fire Department Grant – ME Forest Service – I’m pleased to report the fire department won a grant for coveralls for forest fire fighting.  We can purchase 18-sets.  The grant notification will be in your packets.

Water Filter – We’ve had issues with the water filter for about a year.  It’s about 24-years old and it is time to replace it.  There is a proposal from Norlen’s for a new filter which will meet our needs.  I’ve put a copy in your packet and look for approval from the Administration Maintenance budget.

Raccoon Cove Road – Culvert violation – I’ve put a copy of a notice of violation and the alleged violator’s response in your packet.  Bottom line is a driveway was installed on Raccoon Cove Road without the required culvert and it has washed out in the two major rain events we’ve had in January.  A temporary repair was made.

Rain Storm Repairs – This will just be an oral report at this point, but I had Richard McMullen’s crew and Jay Fowler perform repairs to some road damage on Buttermilk, Walker Road and Asa’s Lane following the rain storms of January 13th and January 23/24.  There were some serious shoulder washouts that needed immediate attention, and I appreciate their fast, emergency response.

Salt/Sand Shed Repairs – In your packet is an e-mail from our insurer saying they are pleased with the repairs to the trusses at the salt/sand shed and they’ve closed out that item on their inspection.

Snow Plowing Contract – You got the draft contract last meeting.  Please review it for this meeting and suggest any changes that might be needed.  If it’s good to go, we’ll send it to Richard for his approval.

CTV Franchise Agreement – In your packet is an e-mail from Dan Pileggi and the latest CTV Franchise Agreement draft.  The Tech Committee is on board with the draft, though one member suggests lowering the franchise fee rate from the current 3% to 1.5%.  I believe Dan is seeking approval to present the agreement to Spectrum. 

Administrative Assistant’s Contract – A draft of the new contract with me was handed out last meeting.  Please review that and suggest changes.  We should be able to get this done in short order.

That’s all for this agenda.  Your next meeting should have a recommendation on the recycling contract from the Conservation Commission.