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For Meeting of February 15, 2018

I am writing this on February 7th (Wednesday) as the snow is just starting to fly for yet another winter storm.  Given the forecast, I sent the town clerk and code enforcement officer home early so they would not have to drive on potentially dangerous roads.  I’m manning the counter.  It’s been busier than I thought, but manageable. 

I think we’ve kind of hit the winter doldrums here in the office.  Tax money is starting to roll in as the 2nd half of the property tax payments is due at the end of the month.  The town report awaits the Superintendent of Schools report only and that’ll be ready to print.  We’ve got ballots ready for town meeting. 

Our big task this week is formatting our motor vehicle database to print on the new state forms.  That’s my next task after this, though it’s mostly done!

Minutes 2/1/18 – Please look over the minutes for errors.

Warrant 18 – A few different expenditures are on this warrant.  The defibrillator you authorized for the town hall has come in and is on the warrant, and the new water filter system authorized last meeting has the payment on this warrant.  Overall, it’s not that large, and we should not need to transfer money to cover the payments.  The warrant will be periodically updated on the website and printed for the meeting on Thursday.

Cash & Budget Reports – This too will be updated periodically on the website and printed for meeting night.  Things look pretty good in relation to the percent of the year that has passed.

Foreclosed Property – The letter you signed at the last meeting has been sent by certified mail.  I’ve not heard from the property occupant at this point.

Recycling Recommendation – The Conservation Commission meets on the 14th, and I am in hopes that they will make a recommendation on the recycling RFPs the town received in January. 

Emera – Emera has made its annual plea to operate on posted roads for emergencies.  This has been granted without question in the past.

Speed monitoring trailer – MDOT – The MDOT is offering up the speed trailer for two weeks again.  It’s a bit of a chore to fetch it and haul it around town.  If you’d like to have it for a couple of weeks, let me know and we’ll sign up for the “lottery”.

E-mail issues – It has become apparent that the public e-mail I put on the website for the Selectmen and other boards has an issue.  How it works is that each Selectman (or other board member) has an e-mail address with a town domain (i.e.  Once an e-mail is set to that address for the Selectmen, every Selectmen gets a copy forwarded to their home e-mail address.  The problem is, any Selectman with a g-mail address is not getting the e-mail sent via this method.  I’ve been in contact with the Spectrum business class people which run our e-mail, and they’re not sure what’s happening with that.  They suggested I contact g-mail.  I’ve tried, but G-mail does not have live humans that you can talk to that I can find.  Brett Jones thinks g-mail may be filtering out the town domain.  I don’t have an answer.

When I send e-mail to you as a group from the computer here without going through the town domain system, the g-mail recipients seem to get it just fine.  I am perplexed. 

Request for Board Name changes – Carol Korty sent an e-mail with this request.  It’s in your packets.

Water Filter – As referenced in the warrant report, the town hall water filter system is on the warrant for Thursday.  It should also be installed on Thursday!  We are looking forward to that.

ISO Rating – I spoke with the gentleman at the Insurance Service Office.  He was not aware that the fire department had tested the water shuttle system in the 1990s and it passed, thus lowering the insurance rating to a 6.  He said he would look into that.

Town Report – I am in hopes that the town report will be off to the printers shortly.  Thank you to Jo and Kathy who did an admirable job proofreading.  As of this writing, the only thing I await is the school report which is slightly delayed.

Meeting Dates – The first and 3rd Thursdays in May are the 3rd and 17th.  Any preference on meeting nights?

That’s the snowy picture from the corner office.