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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of July 12, 2018


What a busy time we’re having at the town office.  Sadly, the amount of business has precluded the accomplishment of a few things, namely the next Lamoine Quarterly.  I’m in hopes of making good progress on that before your meeting.  The good news is, we’re doing very well financially, which I’ll touch on later.


Your agenda is relatively short, and I anticipate this meeting will not take very long. 


Minutes – You’ll have two sets of minutes to review – June 21, 2018 and the special meeting of July 2, 2018.   Written corrections are most appreciated.


Expenditure Warrant 2 – This will be updated on the website periodically.  The signature version will be on the table Thursday.  There will be a lot of accounts payable from the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018 on the warrant.  There are several charges for the postage for the 30-day notices.  And, the one-time payments for social services and other items will be on this warrant as well.  I suspect there will be a school warrant too – and we may have to move some money to cover that.


Date to Sign Warrant 3 – I will have warrant 3 ready to sign by July 26th and will alert you by e-mail to come in to do that. 


Cash & Budget Reports – I’ll put a printout of the budget report for FY 18 in your packets.  That will continue to change as bills trickle in.  The FY 19 budget reports have not yet been formatted – it takes a while to do that.  I’m in hopes something will be ready for Thursday.


Checking Account Reconciliation – This will be my next task.  The reconciliation will be e-mailed to you.


Excise Tax Quarterly Report – That’ll be done right after the check reconciliation, and hopefully printed for your packet.  If not, it’ll be on the table on Thursday and posted on line when it’s done.


30-day Notices – We sent these out on Tuesday afternoon July 3rd.  There seemed to be a record number of unpaid property taxes – we sent out 150-certified mail pieces.  Payments will start to come in if the past practice holds true (we’ve already had some come in as I write on Friday the 6th).


Foreclosed Property Update – I’ll be e-mailing Dan Pileggi early next week, and a copy of that e-mail will go to you.


County Ambulance Contract – John Partridge from County Ambulance will be in to speak with you at the meeting.  He had mentioned billing the town after each month, but we do not have any contract with County at this time.   I know he has a lot of uncertainty with his company.


Transfer Station Layout – Chris has come up with a well-drawn out signage/parking plan for the transfer station.  He made a copy for each of you.  Unless there is any objection to the plan on Thursday, I’ll place an order for signs and cones next Friday.


MRRA – We have been a member of the Maine Resource Recovery Association for a long time – they marketed the recycling for Coastal Recycling, and arranged payment to us.  Since we no longer do that, I’ve not scheduled a renewal payment to then.  You can re-join if you wish, but it’s not required that we be a member to use the services of Eco-Maine single sort.


Census 2020-LUCA – We got a packet of maps from the Census Bureau to put corrections on.  There were some errors on the census maps.  The instructions on how to submit corrections to the Census Bureau were ridiculously complex and I threw up the white flag.  The State of Maine Liaison is going to work with our address list with the Census Bureau.  I am not impressed by the incredible bureaucracy involved in this group.


Solar Energy Follow Up – I’m not sure where the Board would like to go with this. I’ve e-mailed Re-Vision asking if they have some sort of written proposal to make.


Lamoine Quarterly – As noted above, this is not done (OK, as of this writing, it’s not even started).



That’s the extent of the agenda.  See you on Thursday.