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Report for Meeting of December 13, 2018


Season’s Greetings (mostly Brrrr…..) as winter looms.  Business at the town office has slowed a tad in the past week or so, though dog licenses will keep us busy.  For me (and Chairman Nate) it’s basketball season in full swing.  I’ve enjoyed getting some exercise these past few days with numerous refereeing assignments.  The high school season officially starts tomorrow (12/7/18), and the first trip is to Camden! 


Your agenda is relatively light.  The last two meetings have lasted over two hours each.  We program the TV time for 2-hours, so the last part of the meetings have been cut off from the TV / on-line audience.  I do not anticipate this meeting will take that long.


Minutes – November 29, 2018 – Please review the minutes for errors.


Expenditure Warrant 13 – So far it’s pretty light – payroll and a bunch of miscellaneous small expenditures.  The light at the salt/sand shed failed, so Arthur Ashmore replaced it with a new LED light which uses less power and is brighter!  Rick Gallegos needed TP and dog bags for the parks – those are the Amazon purchases.  The warrant will be periodically updated on the website.  There will be school warrants on the expenditure warrant as well, but we won’t have those until the day of the meeting most likely.


Warrant 14 signature date – You have a month between scheduled meetings after this one.  There will need to be some expenditures that last week of December.  A warrant will be ready to sign on the 27th.  I will e-mail you when it’s ready.


Cash & Budget Reports - This will be updated periodically on the website as well and a printed report produced for meeting night.


Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed to you on December 3rd.  All balanced well.  You’ll notice an outstanding deposit of $125,000 – this was done yesterday to cover the school warrants that came out today.


Foreclosed Property Update – The payments have come in on time for the Buttermilk Road property so far.  The notices for the 2016/17 tax liens that are not yet paid will be going out around the time that you meet.  I’ll put a spreadsheet in your packet of what’s left to collect.


Recreation Committee – The Rec Committee meets tonight (12/6).  I sent an e-mail to my fellow municipal managers seeking ideas and got some feedback.  I’ll photocopy that.  We’ll see what the next step ought to be following the rec committee meeting I guess. 


Conservation Commission Requests – An e-mail has gone to the chair of the Conservation Commission asking that someone be present to discuss their requests regarding solar energy and Shoreland zoning violations.  This is on the agenda, but can be postponed until a further meeting of no one is available.


Community Center – My challenge to you was to come up with a member of the public to invite to a community center committee organizational meeting.  My suggested choice is Kimberly Martens (I asked her husband, she’s aware an invite may be coming). I look forward to hearing some names from the board as well.


Nathan mentioned there is a basketball game at the school gym on January 17th.  I’m not available that night, either.  It would be tough to turn the gym around for a meeting in less than half an hour.  Perhaps another night?  I checked with Betty, and there are basketball games every Thursday night through February 7th.  Let’s nail down a date and location (prefer NOT the town hall due to the potential number of attendees)


Budget 2019/20 – The Budget Committee hears the final budgets for those not yet reviewed on Monday the 10th.  The agenda, and budget print out thus far is with your materials.  The only thing missing, really, is the rec department budget, and perhaps that will be done tonight.  I encourage you to attend the 12/10 meeting at the town hall.   The committee hopes to makes its recommendations on the 17th and be done for the season!


Meeting Dates – You’ve not set meeting dates for February that I could see in the minutes.  The Thursdays in February are the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.  Same for March.  I will be out of the country from March 6th through the 13th, town meeting is the 21st.   We can discuss March at some point.


At some point you’ll want to discuss budgeting with the Code Enforcement Officer as per the discussion last meeting.  I’m not clear when that ought to happen – probably in January. 


That’s the scoop for now.  See you on Thursday.