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Report for Meeting of May 9, 2019


It hasn’t snowed for two whole weeks!  Rain – well, that’s another issue.   This will be your final meeting before the school budget town meeting, and there is a very busy agenda. 


The town office has been extremely busy these last two weeks – we processed a lot of vehicle registrations during the last week in April – good for excise collections, but putting a strain on getting much else done.  The Code Enforcement Officer has been extremely busy dealing with several issues – few of them new permit applications.  This is a pretty exciting day here (Friday, 5/3/19) – The new photocopier is due to be installed.  This report could be one of the last items printed on the old Toshiba!


Remember, your meeting starts with a job performance/contract review at 6:30 for the transfer station.  The review sheets and his current contract will be in your packets.


Minutes – April 25, 2019 – Please review the minutes.


Expenditure Warrant 24 – The school warrants will make up more than $110,000.  We will have to transfer some money to cover those bills I’m afraid.


Cash & Budget Reports – In reviewing the CEO expenses, I note that we were going to be very tight.  This is due to the way that plumbing permit revenues and expenses were reported.  Since all of the permit fees are paid either to the state or the LPI, the expense is offset by a revenue.  Therefore, I have backed off the revenue both from the income and expense reporting, and the CEO budget is going to be OK.  Both the warrant and the budget reports will be updated on the website and the printed versions with your materials on meeting night.


Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed to you on Thursday afternoon, May 2nd. 


Foreclosed Property – The owner of the Duckling Lane property has come in and agreed to the installment payment plan.  That is signed, the filing fee will be on the warrant and filed at the Registry of Deeds.  The updated recommendation will be to have this listed as municipally owned for the 19/20 tax commitment as the repayment agreement factored in the next year tax amount.   That completes disposition plans for all tax acquired property, with bids due on the Bar Harbor Highlands lot due next meeting.  Thank you!


Request for snow removal reimbursement – A separate memo is in your packet regarding this request.


Meet with Board of Assessors – This was postponed from last meeting.  In the meantime, I’ve written up a memorandum on who does what in the assessing process as it currently exists for discussion purposes only.  I left a copy with the assessors who meet the morning before your meeting.   


Special Town Meeting – Because there will be two advisory questions on this ballot, a public hearing will be required at least 10-days prior to the vote.  The notice of that public hearing must be posted 7-days prior to the hearing.  My recommendation is that you hold the hearing at the May 23, 2019 town meeting, and orders for the public hearing will be in your packet to sign and for us to post on May 10th.   The question on whether to continue the validation vote, interestingly, may not require a public hearing.  I don’t believe there is any harm in holding one, and therefore have included that question in the public hearing notice.  Because of the timing issue, the signing of the warrant should be at this meeting.


Please look over the proposed ballot language for the advisory questions.  I hope I have correctly captured the intent of the questions.


Fire Department Ladder Truck – Chief Smith will be in to meet with you on the current status of the ladder truck.  It is out for some pretty serious & expensive repairs for about 2-and-a-half months. He will fill you in.


Spring Road Work – My hope is to do a town ride around and generate a list of road projects that need to be done this spring.  Finding contractors to perform the work is getting a little tricky.  Randy Kelley (Kelley & Son) would like to do some work – I’m awaiting his workers comp insurance/independent contractor determination filing.   We need to replace some cross culverts on Shore Road & Buttermilk Road post haste, and to address a couple of areas that flooded and froze on Needles Eye, Shore Road and Birchlawn Drive, but I’ll have a good complete list soon (it might not be for this meeting, depending on what else is going on).


Parks – Vendors – An e-mail from Cathi Goebel is in your packet regarding vendors. 


Returnables – You’ve got a bunch of applications from the school – the applicable dates are listed on the agenda.


Raise the Floor – The effort appears to have failed.  I forwarded an e-mail to you from Mark Robinson.


CTV – A proposal from Brian Lippold is in your materials.  I would suggest referring this to the Tech Committee (I e-mailed this to them as well).


That’s the agenda for this time around.  See you on Thursday.