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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of October 17, 2019


Another busy week here at the town office.  Jennifer was out Monday and Tuesday, so between working the counter and trying to do what you pay me to do, less than what I hoped has been accomplished. 


We had a great day for all the Lamoine 150! Activities on Saturday the 5th.  I am sure Jo will fill you in during that segment of the meeting. 


Our auditors have been here – one did the testing of transactions just prior to your last meeting, and the other was here yesterday (I’m writing this on Thursday Oct. 10th). 


Your meeting coming up has few agenda items, but they are important ones!


Minutes – October 3, 2019 – Please read them over and correct any errors.


Warrant 10 – It’s kind of a depressing warrant.  The first salt and plowing contract bills of the season are on here.  I’ll post it on the website and update it periodically and have a printed copy ready for meeting night to sign.


Foreclosed property – So far, no responses to the letters you’ve sent.


Quarterly Excise Tax Report – That is now posted on the website and printed for your packet.   It was a very busy quarter!


Solar Grid – We should be getting a revised proposal in just before the meeting.  I suspect the next step, if all appears to be in order, would be to send it to the town attorney for legal review and then to a town meeting for approval. Simultaneously, Sunpower will want to start getting applications together for the Planning Board.


Engineering Proposal – Ken Smith has kindly given his opinion, and that’s in your packet.  Looks like this should be a go.


Code Enforcement Matters – As mentioned at the last meeting, the frequency of complaints of neighbors vs. neighbors has climbed and that has put a lot of pressure on the CEO.  Your memorandum to her last week was appreciated.   I’ve printed a message that was sent via e-mail to you earlier this week.


Lamoine 150! – Jo will have an update of the kickoff weekend and more.


Lamoine Quarterly – It’s been tough getting to this, but I will have it done for Thursday – I hope.


Comprehensive Plan Update – The state has found our plan complete, but another agency found issues with a lack of a development zone.  I’ve printed off both for your reading pleasure.

Request from Planning Board Chair re: use of Town Attorney – Material forwarded by John Holt is in your packet.  Apparently the MacQuinn lawyers have banned the Planning Board chair from being in their pits and Chairman Holt is seeking clarification.


That’s all for now.