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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of February 7, 2019


Brrr….welcome to the dead of winter.  Actually, as I write this on February 1st, the sun is shining, but the temperature is only 7-above.


Remember, your meeting will begin at 7:15 PM.  Thank you for accommodating the basketball officials association so that I can ref the Ellsworth/MDI JV boys game tonight.  This should give me time to shower so that I don’t smell too bad for the meeting!.


Your meeting agenda is relatively short.


Minutes – January 24, 2019 – Please look over the minutes and written corrections are most appreciated.


Expenditure Warrant 17 – The warrant is posted on line and will be updated periodically.  There are some road repair bills from Richard McMullen who has been fixing some icing issues from all the freezing and thawing.  Most everything else is routine.


Cash & Budget Reports – This too is updated on the website and will be printed for the meeting.  I was looking today and the total expenditure budget compared to the percentage of the year that has passed is nearly identical.  Mostly dumb luck I suspect, but that’s still nice to see.


Checking Account Reconciliation – this will be my task either late Friday or Saturday morning.  I will e-mail the files as usual.  I do not anticipate any problems.


Disposition of foreclosed property – This is a first during my time here – we automatically foreclosed on four properties.  Two of them are occupied homes.  I will have a separate memo in your packet regarding each lot.


Community Center - The formation document that was drafted last meeting has been updated to reflect the changes you discussed.   I put out a mass e-mail earlier this week to gauge interest in serving on a committee.  As I get responses, they are going in a running memo to give you names of those who were at the meeting as well as others who have responded.


Town Meeting Warrant – The deadline for nomination paper submission is Saturday, February 2nd.  Everyone who has papers out has returned them.  If a last minute submission comes in, we will update the specimen ballot that is in your packets. 


I checked with the Harbor Master, and he’s OK with the drafted amendments to the ordinance.  This has been added to the warrant.   Thank you to Kathleen who picked up on the new wording for the disposition of tax acquired property in the Maine Town & City magazine.  That article has been updated with something similar to the MMA language.


Citizen of the Year – If you have any ideas, e-mail them to me, and I can put a list together for your meeting.  I’ll have my suggestion on the list as well.


Candidates’ Night – Kathleen asked for this to be on the agenda.  I have not heard when that is being planned.


Citizens’ Petition – Again, Kathleen asked for this to be on the agenda.  There has been no petition submitted to the town clerk, though we have heard rumors of a petition being circulated.  No one has mentioned to us what the subject might be.   


Town Report – I will have what is done so far in your packet.  It’s coming together pretty well – just waiting for a few committee reports, the town meeting warrant, and the sample ballot. 


Berry Cove Road – The storm January 24th washed out parts of the road and some driveway entrances fairly badly.  I engaged road resident Greg Gleason to do some repairs.  It took about 1.5 loads of 2.5” – minus gravel.  I await a bill.


Richard McMullen, as mentioned in the expenditure warrant report, has fixed several other washouts around town. 


Returnables Request – The Lamoine School Skills USA is just being organized by Miranda Engstrom and has submitted a request.  Next available month is April of this year.


Lamoine 150! – I suspect the committee will have some sort of update.


Next Meetings – February 21st is your next scheduled meeting.  Might I suggest tentatively setting a meeting for February 28th in case anything needs to be signed or finalized? 


I am headed out of town for vacation on March 6th. I will do up a payroll for March 11th and leave it with Jennifer, and leave a warrant to sign for March 5th.  We will return late on March 14th. There will be a school warrant due on March 15th, and I will make that transfer happen on time. I’ll ask the school department if they can e-mail that over on the 5th so the transfer can happen on the correct date.


That’s what I have for your meeting.  Chances are more will come in between now and then for an addendum.


Stay warm!