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Report for Meeting of February 21, 2019


This is one of the shorter agendas you’ve had in a long time.  A lot of things have been wrapped up in advance of Town Meeting, and a few things are just getting off the ground.


For Chairman Mason and me, basketball season is over.  I’ll miss the exercise.  I’m writing this Thursday (Valentine’s Day).  Yesterday’s storm kept the office staffed with just me.  The roads are in decent shape – I think the McMullen crew has some cleanup to do today.   I know they were out early this morning cleaning up the school parking lot, and they nicely plowed our parking lot as I was coming in this morning.


Minutes, February 7, 2019 – Please look over the minutes of last meeting to make sure they’re accurate.  Written corrections are most welcomed.


Expenditure Warrant 18 – This will be updated periodically on the website and a final version printed for the meeting night.  As of this writing there is about $30,000 on the warrant.   The school warrants will be added next Wednesday which will increase it significantly. 


Cash & Budget Reports – This will also be updated periodically on the website and a report printed for your meeting night.  Other than Code Enforcement which we know will exceed the budget, the only other minor concern is the fire department.  The department itself will pick up any “overage” so to speak, but the spending level is slightly ahead of the percentage of the year that has passed.


One notation: There is a non-warrant expenditure for Intuit that will show up in the checking account reconciliation.  I filed my income tax at home and pulled out the incorrect debit card to pay for Turbo Tax.  I look at the town’s checking account about every day and that showed up the day after.  I withheld that amount from my paycheck and booked it as an account receivable which was immediately paid.   I had the bank issue a different colored debit card for my account, as both the town’s card and my personal card were identical.  My apologies!


Foreclosed Property – I’ve not heard back from any of the parties to whom you sent letters last week, but they have until Thursday to get back to us.   You will be updated.  You made two offers for installment agreements.  I will work on those for the packet in the likelihood that each of those property owners wish to pursue that option. 


Board of Assessors Meeting – The memorandum from the Assessors that you got for last meeting is also in this packet. At least two of the Assessors are unable to attend.  I’ve placed an e-mail from Terry Towne in your packet.  They would like to know what questions the Selectboard might have for them and they’ll discuss it at their March 6th meeting.  I’m on vacation starting then, so will not be able to attend.


Returnables - The snowmobile club has submitted the next returnables request.  They got the proceeds for last November.  The next available month is April.


Community Center Committee – The appointees and auxiliary members have been contacted about their appointments with a request to give potential meeting dates.  Feedback has been slow. I hope to have more information on the 21st.


Citizen of the Year Resolve – Generally we do up a resolution to present at the town meeting along with the plaque.  If all goes well, a resolve will be in your packet, along with a mockup of the plaque.


Candidates’ Night – I am not sure who was supposed to communicate to the Grange about the suggested date and location for their candidates’ night.  I will sent an e-mail to Anne Stocking today.


Power Point Presentation – Each year I do up a slide show for town meeting and will start working on that shortly.  It most likely will not be ready for this meeting, but if I’ve got something done, a printout will be with your material on Thursday the 21st.


Road Commissioner – We had some issues on both Birchlawn and Buttermilk that have been addressed.  A memo is in your packet.


Lamoine 150! – The committee meets this afternoon, so there may be something to report at your meeting in a week.


Future Meetings – Nothing is on the agenda beyond March 21st.   I anticipate the board at its organizational meeting will set the future meeting dates on the 21st. 


The last agenda had a possible meeting on February 28th on the agenda.  There does not seem to be any pressing need at this time, but I will have a warrant for the board to sign ready on March 5th.  The school department says it will send over their warrants a day early so that we can transfer the funds whilst I am away.


Expect a relatively short meeting (I hate to jinx it!).