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Report for Meeting of March 21, 2019


I am writing this rather early, Wednesday March 6th.  I will miss looking at the massive snow pile outside the window for a week.  OK, I’m lying.  We are very much looking forward to a break from winter.  I hope that we’ve worked ahead enough that all will be smooth while we’re out of the country. 


I anticipate being back by Thursday the 14th and working on the 15th.  We might not be back in time for candidate’s night, but Justin Zinke is all set to go for televising that.


Your meeting is going to be a bit more than organizational I’m afraid as some things have come up.  However, I do not anticipate anything too lengthy at this time.



Officers – I will start the meeting as the Deputy Clerk in order to select a chair for the next year.  For the past few years the board has rotated the chairmanship, but there is nothing required to do so.  It is truly up to the board members on who will lead the meetings.   Once a chair is selected for the 19/20 season, they will lead the rest of this meeting.


Minutes, February 21, 2019 Please review the minutes.  Written corrections are most appreciated.


Expenditure Warrant 20 – As you signed warrant 19 (presumably) later today, I’ve added nothing to warrant 20.  The next payroll for March was on warrant 19 and Jennifer will distribute the checks next week.  A couple of bills came in after finalizing warrant 19 yesterday (ecoMaine, and the plaque for citizen of the year), but nothing else so far.  A school warrant will be on this as well as the usual expenses.


Expenditure Warrant 19 – The bulk of this was a transfer out of checking into investments.  It was a long warrant, but no unusual bills.  The Quill bill was rather high, but that’s because we needed toner for the printers, a new drum for the clerk’s printer, and we got the new chair for Jennifer’s office and new floor mats.


Budget Reports – With your copy of warrant 19 was the budget report.  As projected, we have hit the red on the Code Enforcement Budget.  Roads are going to be tight – we’ve had to do a lot of winter maintenance for freezeups.


Checking Account Reconciliation – This was sent by e-mail on Friday the 1st.  It all balanced up quite nicely.


Disposition of Foreclosed Property – I’ve placed copies of the quitclaim deed and an agreement with the Heir of Richard Wallace in your packets and mailed a copy to Mandy Briggs for her approval.  Still no word on the Duckling Lane property.  DHHS has placed a lien on the Spitzer property after the foreclosure date.  I’ve written to them and a copy of that letter is in your file.  I’ve not written yet to the abutters of the Wilk property, but will do so after we return.  I’m also in hopes that the Buttermilk Road property which has an installment agreement will be paid in full and if so will have a quitclaim deed prepared for that.


Policy Adoption – You renew the policy for early disbursement annually.  The mileage reimbursement rate is set with a hybrid of the IRS and State rates and is set annually.  Each Board also sets up its procedures.  I do not anticipate any changes, but have printed the current policies for your packet.


Transfer Station Update – A memorandum is in your packet in regard to an incident last Friday at the facility.  Chris Meyer will also remain on leave through March.  Brandon is doing a great job keeping things going – there was some plow damage that has to be repaired, and we’ve had an issue in the swap shop where water has frequently infiltrated and turned the floor into an ice rink at times.


Community Center Committee – Jane Fowler has declined to serve on the committee, leaving a vacancy.  The committee had its first meeting on February 28th and is recommending that Brett Jones be elevated to the regular post opened by Jane, and that Allison Howaniec become the alternate.  She’s agreed to serve as the committee secretary.  Appointment papers will be ready for your signature.


Returnables – We have two applications that came in simultaneously.  The next available month is July.  The agenda lists the last time each organization benefitted.


Town Meeting – I’ve put printouts of the power point for town meeting in your packet.  If anything needs correction, please let me know.  We’ve got plenty of time to correct!


Meeting Dates – I am teaching tax lien class in Orono and Portland on April 11th and 18th.  Both are Thursdays.  Usually class has been on Tuesdays.  I can be back in time for a meeting on the 11th.  The first Thursday in April is the 4th.    I would appreciate setting meeting dates out as far as possible in order to block out dates from baseball umpiring. 


That’s it for now.  Expect items for the addendum, as we’re more than 2-weeks out from the meeting.  I’m off to Aruba!