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Report for Meeting of April 4, 2019


Most of the snow/ice outside my office window has melted – still waiting for the crocuses to come up.    I’m writing this on March 28th.  The Flat Top 5K is this Saturday morning – pretty much the last gasp of winter. 


Jennifer has taken a couple of vacation days this week (today and tomorrow) and was out sick parts of Monday and Tuesday and all day Wednesday, so I’m working both the window and everything else. Things have been hopping.  Lots of code enforcement and other issues. 


You have an aggressive meeting this time around, so plan to be here for a while!


Minutes, March 21, 2019 – Please look over the minutes for errors. 


Warrant 21 – There will be school warrants to add.  So far things look pretty reasonable.  I will post and update the warrant on the website and print it off the day of the meeting.


Cash & Budget Reports – The Code Enforcement Budget has been updated, and with the town meeting increase, we’re not in the red anymore.   All else is within anticipated levels.


Checking Account Reconciliation – I’ll do this up Tuesday or Wednesday and e-mail it to you prior to the meeting.


Excise tax report – This too will be done up, most likely on Monday or Tuesday.  I’ll post it on line and have the printed version ready for Thursday.


Foreclosed PropertiesHeirs of Wallace – An agreement with Ms. Briggs awaits your signature – forgot to get that signed at the last meeting.  The quitclaim deed was filed this week and it’s back on the tax rolls.


Map 14 Lot 59-1 – The letters have gone to the two abutters, and both are interested.  You’ll have offers to open.


Map 19 Lot 4 – The occupant has faithfully made all but the final payment on this property.  I’ve enclosed the modified agreement.  With your direction, I would recommend that the Board of Assessors put this back on the tax rolls to the tenant in possession for the 2019/20 property tax year.  I will prepare a letter to the tenant in possession for you to sign reminding him that the last payment was due 3/22/19 and was not received.


The other two properties that automatically foreclosed have had no status change since your last meeting.


Meet with MDOT re Route 184 – I’ve tucked in the Municipal Partnership Initiative program again with your packets.  John Devin of the MDOT will be here to discuss the program.


Meet with Frenchman Bay Conservancy – Aaron Dority of the Frenchman Bay Conservancy will be here to discuss the proposed property donation from the sisters who own a large chunk of land adjacent to Blunt’s Pond.  You asked about the impact on property taxes at your last meeting.  I’ve done up a memo for your packets with some information. 


PERC Rates – A communication from PERC is in your packet.  The rate has increased for the coming year by 1.5%.


Pavement Mgt. Contract – Roger Picard was by today and measured up Buttermilk Road for paving.  We budgeted it almost right on the button.  His usual contract is up for your consideration, and has asked that if we’re ready, they might like to pave in June but bill in July as usual. 


Photocopier – A-Copi has left off a brochure on a copier that is coming off lease, and is likely available.  The representative will have a price in the near future.  The coper is default black and white, but color capable.  I hope to know more by meeting night.


Bid Requests – Our road sweeping and roadside & landfill cap mowing contracts have expired.  I’ve updated the last request for proposals to send out for bids for 3-years.  George Crawford held both contracts. Copies of the suggested bid RFP are in your packets.


Animal Control Matter Update – I sent an e-mail regarding an animal control issue a couple of days ago.  I will give an oral update on where things stand at the meeting.


Sign Approved Ordinances – The updated Building & Land Use and Harbor Ordinances are printed and ready for you to sign.  I’ve not put individual copies in your packets in order to conserve some paper.  If you wish to have a printed copy, please let me know and I’ll do one up. (the copier is not functioning well and double sided printing is a real chore).


Lamoine Quarterly – I hope to make a good start on that, maybe later today!


Personnel Reviews & Contracts – It’s time to conduct job performance reviews with your staff.  Those are generally done with the transfer station manager, myself, the clerk/tax collector, and Code Enforcement Officer.  You’ve not met with the Animal Control Officer in many years.   The other “regular” employees are the CTV Operations manager and the Facilities Maintenance director. 


With the exception of the CTV Operations Manager, all those positions are contracted employees.  Of the contracted employees, all will expire on June 30th, except mine which was a 3-year contract approved last year.


Let’s determine which employees you wish to sit down and review, when, and how.  With some direction, I’ll draft up some new contracts.  Generally reviews and contracts are negotiated in executive session.


Schedule Meeting with Board of Assessors – The regular assessors meeting is next Wednesday.  I plan to have a discussion with them ahead of any meeting between the two boards, but will suggest to the Assessors that your April 25th meeting is available.


Emera – Posted Roads – Emera annually asks for a waiver on posted roads in town.  We have not posted the local roads for many years.  I’ve got a call in to them to see if they still need a waiver from the town.  The request is in your packet.


Memorial Day Plans – Bob said Gary is working on this year’s ceremony for Memorial Day, and requested it be on the agenda.


Firehouse Use Issue – This matter was very briefly addressed at the previous meeting, and there has been another contact with a Selectboard member on the issue that was alleged.  (this report was interrupted by a fire call…how ironic!)   The fire chief plans to be in attendance and has been alerted that this has come up again.


Electronics Recycling – There was an inquiry about an electronics recycling day.  There is none planned for this year – the Conservation Commission chair’s reply to a follow up is in your packet.


Next Meetings – You will have a warrant ready to sign the afternoon of April 17th.  The next regular meeting will be on the 25th.  


Sorry for so many items on the agenda.  See you Thursday.