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Report for Meeting of June 20, 2019


Hello from the plush corner office of the town hall where I have a lovely view of it raining again outside.  It’s been a relatively quiet day in the town office this Thursday, and I look forward with anticipation to the final Selectmen’s meeting of the fiscal year. 


Remember, your meeting will start at 6:30 PM with a job performance review/contract discussion with our Facilities Maintenance Director.  That will be followed by the Special Town Meeting (2 items) at 7PM.  If there is time after Rick’s executive session and before the town meeting, I have one quick personnel matter to update you on.


The Regular meeting will start after the town meeting ends.


Minutes – June 6, 2019 – Please look over the minutes and submit written corrections if you could (if needed)


Expenditure Warrant 27 – The school warrants are kinda hefty for this one, so I’ve moved $130,000 from our investment account to the checking account which should be plenty adequate to cover.   There will be a payroll on here for next week. Since both Jennifer & I have our payroll divided by 27-pay periods,


Cash & Budget Reports – As projected last meeting, the fire department budget has seen expenses exceed budget, but as of this writing, the public safety budget is still in the black.  Assuming the special town meeting approves the fire department truck repair, we should be OK for the fiscal year.   All other expenses are at or under budget.   At some point I’ll do up an encumbrance order to carry forward some projects that either have not been billed or were authorized and not completed.


Quitclaim Deed – The deed for Map 14 Lot 51 is ready to be signed, and presuming the town meeting gave permission to do so, this should be done.  I’ve put a copy in your packet.


AFLAC – Representatives from AFLAC were by a couple weeks ago.  Their brochure is in your packet.  As I understand it, we can opt to offer AFLAC at no cost to the town.  If employees choose to want AFLAC, the town would withhold the premium from their checks.  At least one of the paid staff has expressed interest.  The representatives are willing to come meet with the board.


Healthy Acadia – No Smoking signs – They have submitted signs for the public buildings and the parks (color links).  A representative will be here for your meeting to see if you approve.  They look pretty sharp – I’ll have a color copy to display at the meeting.  Black and White copies are in your packets.


Appeals Board – Attorney Use Request – Chairman Fenton has e-mailed me (in your packet) requesting use of an attorney in the Moldawer vs CEO case.

Election Results – As you are well aware, the school budget was validated, the question to continue using he budget validation vote was defeated (the school department is happy about that), the road advisory question failed by 4-votes, and the landfill lease for a solar grid passed.


I plan to compose a letter to our State Representative and Senator and the Commissioner of Maine DOT in regard to the road question.


My thought on the solar array is to authorize the Conservation Commission to seek proposals.


The school budgeting question requires no action by the Selectmen.


Mowing Bids – Bids for mowing the town roads are due by Thursday afternoon. 


Early Paving – As has been the case for several years, the winning bidder for paving would like to do it prior to the start of the fiscal year with no payment due until July 1st.  They might be ready next week.  Richard McMullen has done a superb job replacing one culvert and resetting two others prior to paving, so we’re ready to roll.  (That’s the Buttermilk Road update).


Contracts – The contracts for the listed employees are drawn up.  The Code Enforcement Officer contract will require some review – it’s a question regarding paid time off and how much is available.  Apparently there was some discussion at your negotiation meeting with her that I did not pick up on.  You might wish to discuss this with her in executive session.


I’ve put all 5 contracts on your packets for review.  If you see something that looks odd, please let me know so that corrections can be made.


Appointments – Everyone up for reappointment has said they are willing to be reappointed with the exception of Marion McDevitt who will step down from the Budget Committee, and Doug Stewart who will end his service on the Conservation Commission.  Diane Nicholls has been recommended to fill Doug’s place, and John Robichaud is willing to serve as an alternate, replacing Diane.  


As for the Budget Committee, there is an alternate (Paul Howaniec).  I would recommend that he be offered as the replacement for Marion, and that you find someone to serve as the alternate member, either through advertising or recruiting.


I will try to do up certificates of service for both Doug and Marion.


Meetings – Your next meeting is set for July 11th, which will be 3-weeks from this meeting.  There will have to be a warrant 28 for this fiscal year signed, as well as a Warrant 1 for FY 19/20 signed prior to that.   I will attempt to have them ready by July 2nd and let you know when you can come in to sign.