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Report for Meeting of July 11, 2019

Happy New Fiscal Year.  It finally feels like summer (at times).  I’m writing most of this on July 3rd.  The holiday is cutting into work time, and there has been a lot of work going on here at the town office.


Your meeting date is on the same date that I am teaching a class for the tax collectors’ and treasurers’ association which is usually held in August.  I forgot to check the date when scheduling the meeting and it snuck up on me.  I will not be back from Augusta until late in the day.   The Lamoine 150! Committee is meeting at 3:30 PM on the 11th as well.  I will have most everything prepared for your meeting on Wednesday.


It has been incredibly busy in the town office.  We sent out 153 pieces of certified mail last week (30-day unpaid tax lien notices).   The Assessors are wrapping up their work for the 2019/20 tax commitment, and that’ll hopefully be ready to go in mid-July.  Code Enforcement has been right out straight too, mostly with ongoing complaints that have put a great deal of time stress on the CEO.


Minutes – June 20, 2019 – Please look over the minutes and submit (if any) written corrections.


Expenditure Warrants 28 & 1 – Thank you to the three who were able to sign these so that we could pay the bills on time between meetings.  I’m happy to review the warrants if you have questions.


Expenditure Warrant 2 – This isn’t very big, yet.  I expect school warrants for this one as well.


Cash & Budget Reports FY 18/19 – Bill for this fiscal year are trickling in.  I printed a preliminary report for your packet, but will continue to update the web page.  I made an adjusting entry to change a road expense from last winter to an encumbered account on Berry Cove Road so that the road budget would not be exceeded, but that was after printing the report in the packet.


Cash & Budget Reports FY 19/20 – I don’t know if I will get enough time to format the 19/20 budget to generate a report.  Let’s hope, but I’m not optimistic.


Checking Account Reconciliation – The files to show the reconciliation were e-mailed yesterday (7/2).  All balanced nicely.


Quarterly Excise Tax Report – Biggest year yet for excise tax, slightly exceeding $400,000.  We budgeted $350,000.  That’s a wonderful impact on surplus!


Tax Acquired Property – As mentioned in an e-mail between meetings, the tax acquired property on which you entered an installment agreement with Erica Mason is going to be paid in full, then sold once the town deeds it back to Mrs. Mason.  I’ve hoped individual members would be able to sign the deed so that we can deliver it to our mutual attorney (Diane O’Connell) in return for payment in full.  If not, it can be completed at the meeting and the closing will have to wait a couple of days.


Local Road Assistance – The annual acceptance form for Local Road Assistance is in.  The amount has grown from $22,780 to $23,404.  We budgeted $20,000.  This is better news!


Recreation Committee – Allison Howaniec has tendered her resignation as an alternate on the committee due to time constraints.  There’s an e-mail from Nikki Chan about the condition of the shed we inherited from the school.  


Code Enforcement – We have hashed out the language in the contract and that is ready to sign, as are the appointment papers for the year.


There has been an incredible amount of work going on regarding complaints and alleged violations.  Rebecca may have time to prepare a written report if warranted.


Hydrant Maintenance at Grange Lot – You are well aware of the discussion that took place at the last meeting regarding the Grange parking lot.  As suggested, the Grange approached the fire chief on this matter, and if all goes well, the Chief will be here to request a special town meeting to put $3,000 from undesignated fund balance toward maintaining the parking area over the hydrant. 


Returnables The Grange has submitted an application.  They benefitted in June (the check has not yet come in).  The next available month is January 2020.


Road Budget – As noted in the FY 19 Budget report, I allocated an expense on Berry Cove Road to encumbered funds.  This brought down the road expenses for the year to meet budget.


Shore Road Culvert – There is a culvert that has caused the road side to start to erode away severely and it’ll likely need replacement very soon.  Here’s a picture.  My suggestion is to have McMullen Landscape replace this ASAP.  It’ll mean the road will be closed for a few hours and the cost will likely run about $5,000, but the culvert is an old corrugated metal pipe which is rusting out. 


Paving – I’m waiting to hear from Roger Picard on when they’ll be here to pave Buttermilk Road. It should be soon.

Speed Limit – Marlboro Beach Road – The speed monitoring sign was place on Marlboro Beach Road last week and we will attempt to pull the speed data from that.  The neighbors say people go awfully fast on that road.  If the sign works correctly (I’m sure that it does – the computer operator is a little suspect though!), we should have good data on the actual speeds being driven.


Water Monitoring – We’ve had the data back for a while, but I’ve not had a chance to enter it into the spreadsheets and get the data to the residents.  I will try to get that done ASAP. 


Appeals Board Updates – The MacQuinn case appeal was denied by the Business and Consumer Court as you know, and now that has been appealed again to the same court.  That was e-mailed to you last week.  Griff is checking with attorney O’Connell on what step, if any, the Appeals Board should be taking with that matter.


The “allegedly too tall house” matter is still before the board and they are meeting at the same time as the Selectmen on that at the school.  Diane is also the counsel on that matter for the Appeals Board. 


RFQ – Solar Grid – The draft from Larissa Thomas is in your packets.  You wanted to look that over for this meeting.


Lamoine Quarterly – I have not even had a chance to get it started as of this writing (next on my long list of things to do, I hope).  I doubt a draft will be ready for the meeting, but I’ll try.


Vacation Request – I would like to take Wednesday August 7 through Monday August 12 off.  Our daughter is getting married on the 10th.  Your next meeting is scheduled for August 15th.  I will try to get a packet up and ready prior to the 7th.  You will need to sign a couple of expenditure warrants in between meetings.  The other option would be to change meeting dates in August.  We can talk.


See you on Thursday.