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Report for Meeting of November 7, 2019


Happy Halloween!  At least, I’m writing this on Halloween.  It’s dark and gloomy and raining, and crows are patrolling the Veterans Memorial.  At least the town hall isn’t haunted (not that I’ve experienced anyway!). 


Things (business-wise) have started to slow a bit for the winter, and we’ve been able to tackle some projects in here.  The help wanted ad for a facilities maintenance director has been posted and will go in the Ellsworth American next week with applications due on November 18th.  The Appeals Board has pretty much wrapped up the complaint about the tall house in Marlboro. 


Remember, there is a special town meeting beginning at 7PM to authorize the Board to negotiate a lease on town owned land for a solar grid.  Your meeting will start after that.  We’ll have flyers from SunPower Corporation for the meeting.  I expect them any day now.


Next week is an extremely busy week here in the office.  Monday the Planning Board meets with a marathon of gravel permit applications.  Tuesday is Election Day.  Wednesday, the Budget Committee meets.  The Special town meeting and your meeting are Thursday.  Friday, we meet with CES on the transfer station design.


Minutes – October 17, 2019 – Please look over the minutes for any errors.


Expenditure Warrant 11 – There will be two payrolls on this warrant as we’re 3-weeks between meetings.  The warrant will be periodically updated on the website, and it’s not that large as the school warrant is relatively small.   There is an expenditure for Helen’s Restaurant on the warrant which came about because I grabbed the wrong debit card from my wallet earlier this week.  That shows an account receivable and will be withheld from payroll on November 6.   My apologies for the error – the two cards look very similar.


Cash & Budget Report – This too will be updated periodically and the written report on the table for the meeting.  Cash flow is very good – we’ve kept a larger balance in the checking account anticipating a large school warrant that has yet to materialize.  We have not had to tap into the investment management account this fall (yet).  Revenues are ahead of projection and expenses are where they should be.


Checking Account Reconciliation – The month closes today – the statement should be out tomorrow.  I will e-mail the reconciliation to you for review when it gets done – probably on Monday after payroll. 


Comprehensive Planning – Fred asked for some funding to incorporate the changes required by the State of Maine into the Comprehensive Plan.  I authorized my limit of $500 which can come from Administration and would appreciate confirmation from the Board.  This should wrap up the Comp Plan Process, and the revised plan will go on the town meeting warrant next March.   We should make a point to invite the committee to a Selectmen’s meeting to formally thank the members and disband the committee.


Foreclosed Property Installment Agreement – I spoke with the occupant last week who has been in the hospital again.  He says he’ll resume payments again in early November.


Employee Contact List – Kathleen noted that there it would be helpful to have a contact list for the Board with phone numbers for your appointed officials.  We post one on line, but often their home numbers are not listed.  I will endeavor to print a list for the Board in case that you need to contact someone and I’m not around.  (The contact numbers are mostly stored on the cell phone!)


Solar Grid Project – Presuming passage just prior to the meeting, we’ll need to transmit that to the company.  I’ve also received confirmation from Dan Pileggi that he is willing to represent the town during the process.  You should formally approve authorization to utilize him.  There is contract and easement work that is best left to an attorney.  I’ve started submitting some paper work to the design team (deeds, surveys) and they’re moving forward with that. 


Lamoine 150! – I am sure that Jo will have an update on the next events.


Budget 2020/2021 – The Budget Committee will meet the night before your meeting.  I am drafting up an administration budget and at least one committee member wants to review that at the organizational meeting.   I will put a draft in your budget book which is part of your packet.


Other – I will be looking to take off a few days here and there in the next couple of months as my wife has some vacation time to use (as do I).  I am not yet sure of those days but will try to nail it down before the meeting.  Volleyball season ends (for both of us) on Saturday.   I like to think that I’ve kept up with the office work for the past two months – thanks in large part to Jennifer and Rebecca. 


See you next week.