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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of April 25, 2019


Happy Spring!  Thank you for accommodating my schedule for this meeting. As you know, I teach tax lien class for the Tax Collectors and Treasurers’ Association, and this year I was pressed into service for both the Northern and Southern Maine classes and the scheduled them on Thursdays in April instead of Tuesdays in March.  We had a good class on the 18th in Portland.


Remember – the meeting will start at 6:30 PM for the next few sessions to conduct job performance reviews/contract negotiations prior to the meeting.  Performance review sheets are in your packets.


This meeting will start with the Code Enforcement Officer’s review and contract.  She will also have some matters on the regular meeting agenda. The regular meeting will start at 7PM.


Minutes – April 4, 2019 – Please look over the minutes and submit written corrections if needed.


Expenditure Warrant 22 – Thank you for signing this on the 17th and 18th.  It’s amazing to me the number of bills that come in during a 2-week span.  You picked up the warrant and the budget report as of 4/17.  Please let me know if there are any questions.  I did have to move $45,000 as of Monday the 22nd to cover the school bills and the payroll on the next warrant.


Expenditure Warrant 23 – There will be a town payroll on this warrant, and a bunch of bills came in the mail on Wednesday and Thursday (I’m writing this Friday the 19th).  The transfer on Monday and collections during the normal course of business should cover this warrant.  I will update it periodically on the website and print the signature copy for your meeting on Thursday.


Cash & Budget Reports – This will be posted periodically on the website and printed for you on Thursday.  I would note that we have forged ahead on excise tax collection as of this week. 


Foreclosed Property – I have a separate memo in your packet regarding the various states of foreclosed property.  The gentleman who has been making payments on Map 19 Lot 4 has been very diligent about paying $200 every two weeks.  He did not make the final payment of about $1,800 due at the end of March.  The payments have been coming in steadily since that deadline though, and I am confident that if you extend this another 4-months that the agreement will be paid in full and a deed can be issued.  As you will note from the memorandum, I am recommending that the property be assessed to the heirs of his mother as tenants in possession for this year.  Since the Assessors will be here, this would be good to discuss with them as well.


Code Enforcement Matters – Rebecca has a couple of items to discuss with the board while she is here for the public portion of the meeting.


Meet with the Board of Assessors – I had neglected to put this on the original agenda draft.  The previous memo from a couple of meetings ago is in your packet.


Special Town Meeting Warrant – The Budget Committee is meeting the night before your meeting.  The school budget should be ready for a town meeting on May 15th.  We’ll also have the sale of the foreclosed piece of property on Bay Road on the warrant. 


Town Attorney Use – There are couple of items regarding town attorney use and the policy in your packet.  I believe the Planning Board and / or CEO would like to consult with Dan Pileggi regarding the continued excavation of the expanded MacQuinn pit in light of the Business and Consumer Court decision.


Street Sweeping – We’ve received some bids.  The deadline is the day of the meeting. 


Solar Array & Blunt’s Pond Land Donation – The Conservation Commission has sent a couple of memos on these two items.  They are in your packet.


Lamoine 150! Update – I neglected to have this on the previous agenda. Jo will have an update.


Technology Committee Recommendation – The Tech Committee has recommended purchasing some lighting as requested by the School.  I’ve put their minutes in your packet. 


Employee Review Schedule/Next Meetings – Here is the schedule for your next meetings, and the position to review at 6:30 PM:

May 9 – Transfer Station

May 23 – Town Clerk/Tax Collector

June 6 – Admin Asst (after regular meeting – Hodgkins Scholarship starts at 6PM)

June 20 – Facilities Maint. & Animal Control


It’s a busy meeting!