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Stu Marckoon
Report for Meeting of May 23, 2019


Greetings from the mostly cloudy corner office.  For those who missed the special town meeting last night (May 15, 2019), it went as expected.  Turnout was low, passage of all articles was swift.  


The MDOT painted the lines on the state highways today.  Some of them are a bit shaky as the truck drove over the potholes.  The Ellsworth American reporter assigned to Lamoine, Joanna Billings, was here today and she took some pictures of the potholed road with trucks and cars going over them.  She’s doing a story on the deplorable road conditions of the state highways.


Your meeting starts at 6:30 PM with a performance review/contract negotiation with the Clerk/Tax Collector, and the public portion starts at 7PM with a public hearing to quickly follow.


Minutes – Look ‘em over please and submit written corrections.


Warrant 25 – We’re going to be tight as to whether any investment funds will have to transfer to cover the warrant.  As of today’s writing, we have enough in checking to cover what’s owed.  We will have a town employee payroll next week, but revenues have been strong.  I believe we got a pretty good infusion of cash in today’s mail from the Emera truck registrations.  If there will need to be a transfer, it will be relatively small thanks to a small school operations warrant.  The warrant is posted on line and periodically updated.  The printed version will with your materials at the table Thursday.


Cash & Budget Reports – This will also be periodically update on the website and printed for your meeting night.  Things look very strong going into the last month of the fiscal year.


Quitclaim Deed – The town meeting approved the transfer of Map 14 Lot 59-1.  I will have the deed prepared for your signature.   I expect a check from Mr. Davidson in the very near future.


Bids – Tax Acquired Property – We’ve had several inquiries from people looking at Map 14 Lot 51.  I’ll put the bid ad in your packets.


Public Hearing – There are three referenda questions other than the school budget validation on the ballot for June 11.  Superintendent Kane plans to drop by to testify on the continuation of the budget validation process.  The two advisory questions may generate some interest.


Parks – Vendors – Parks commission chair Cathi Goebel plans to be in attendance to discuss what, if anything, the town ought to do in regard to regulating vendors at the park areas.


Road Commissioner – Project List – I promise to generate a list.  I have a new truck now (today it’s being undercoated), and will do the rounds next week.  I am happy to report we have a new in-town contractor who has the insurances in place to award projects (Kelley and Son).   My suggestions will be to divide up the projects among the in-town contractors.


Census Bureau – There is a flyer from the Census Bureau inviting us to participate in informing them of new housing projects to assist with the 2020 Census.  Like anything to do with the Census it looks extremely complicated.   If you want the town to participate, we probably can, but I’m not sure who will have the time to learn their system. 


Boundary Agreement – A few weeks ago Marion McDevitt dropped off a survey to the town hall showing the area between her property on Map 1 Lot 14 and the town’s Map 1 Lot 52.  It varies from the tax map.  My question to the board is whether we wish to pursue a line agreement with Marion which will generate a filing at the registry of deeds to settle who owns what.  We started pursuing this more than 20-years ago but it fell by the wayside.  Let’s discuss it.


Lamoine 150! – The logo contest is being judged before the Selectmen’s meeting.  Jo will have an update on what’s happening.


You will have my performance review after the finish of public business.  I’ll (hopefully) have an updated contract status with that – my contract runs two more years.


Hopefully the sun will come out for an extended period sometime and the weather will warm up.