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Report for meeting of June 6, 2019

Happy Spring?   We actually had a day this week (Memorial Day) where the temperature exceeded 60-degrees.  Sadly, it was fleeting.  The town is a good 2-weeks behind the normal season, just judging by the lilacs and apple blossoms that have not yet appeared. 


Here at the town hall, it has been insanely frantic.  Various parties involved in an Appeals Board matter have requested numerous documents which we have attempted to provide.  I have suggested to the Code Enforcement Officer that she no longer offer any advice to any of the parties involved in the appeal and deal only with the Board of Appeals Chair, as she is the named party in the appeal at this point.  The Appeals Board has set June 13, 2019 as their next meeting date. 


Your meeting will start with the Hodgkins Scholarship Subcommittee meeting at 6PM (Kathleen, Gary & Bob).  The regular meeting will start at 7PM.    I will have the scholarship applications and applicable information set out for 6PM.


Your agenda is somewhat short, but the executive sessions at the end may take a while.


Minutes – May 23, 2019Please submit written corrections if you have any.


Expenditure Warrant 26 – I will start putting that together tomorrow (Friday, May 31st ).  It will be updated periodically on line and printed for meeting night. Beyond the school warrants and payroll for next week, there is not a lot on here.  We will likely have to transfer a little money to cover the school warrants.


 Cash & Budget Reports – These will also be posted on the website and updated periodically and printed for meeting night.   I am happy to report that we’ve collected the budgeted amount of excise tax as of May 24th.  That’s a healthy development for our fund balance.


Checking Account Reconciliation – I should have this done Monday or Tuesday and will e-mail the files.  No issues are anticipated.


Outstanding Personal Property & Demo Debris Accounts – We have a bunch of old bills that we’ll never be able to collect.  A separate memo is in your packets with my suggestion to declare these uncollectible and to write off.


Foreclosed Property Update – I am pleased to report we have received payment in full from the folks who purchased Map 14 Lot 59-1. The deed will be on warrant 26.


A separate memo is in your packet regarding the status of property.


Special Town Meeting Warrant – A special town meeting warrant for your June 20, 2019 meeting has been drawn up to deal with the sale of the other piece of tax acquired property and with the fire department’s ladder truck repair.  Copies are in your packet


Lamoine Community Arts Request – Carol Korty e-mailed a request to talk with the board about financial support for something for her group.  She was going to e-mail a memorandum with details.  I’ve copied her e-mail for the packet and will copy the memo for meeting night unless it arrives prior to putting the packet together, then that will also be in your packet.


Road Name – Coronado Drive – This is the proposed name for the road that will serve the new self storage complex the Planning Board approved on Douglas Highway.  The Road naming order is in your packet.


Lamoine 150! – When I remember to add this to the agenda, it’s a standing item.  I remembered!  I presume Jo will have an update.


Appointment List Your packet will have a list of those appointments expiring on June 30th.  My plan is to contact those appointees to see if they wish to be reappointed, and have the list and appointments ready for June 20th.


Next Meetings – You’ve got the contract/performance review with the Facilities Maintenance Director for June 20th at 6:30 followed by the special town meeting at 7PM and then your regular meeting.  You set July 11 and August 15 as your summer meeting dates. 


Executive Session – You’ll be meeting with the Animal Control Officer to discuss what issues she might have and to update the contract.  A separate memo is in your packet regarding a personnel issue that the Fire Chief wants to meet with you about.


See you Thursday – do a sun dance!