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Report for Meeting of January 24, 2019


Happy mid-January.  The furnace has been working overtime these last few days of bone chilling weather.  As you may have noticed at your last meeting, the furnace had just been repaired and after a rather chilly day in here, it was nicely producing heat. 


Please remember your meeting on Monday at 7PM at the school gym to get a community center committee rolling.  Your agenda for that is in your packet along with the agenda for the regular meeting three days later on the 24th.  


Minutes – January 10, 2019 – Please review the minutes for any errors.


Warrant 16 – So far the biggest bill is for snow plowing in January.  I did ask Richard to address a couple of areas that have some significant ice buildup, and to take down a couple of leaning trees on Buttermilk Road.   The school warrants will likely come in on Wednesday.  The warrant will be updated periodically on the website, and the final version and budget report printed for your meeting on Thursday.


Cash & Budget Reports – A 4th page is now on the budget report, showing the operational impact on the various fund balances we have.  This is a time consuming calculation on the first try, and I’ll keep looking at things to make sure I’ve got it correct.


Foreclosed Property Update – The piece on Buttermilk Road we foreclosed on last year has been keeping up with the schedule of payments you laid out last fall.  The pending foreclosures are slowly trickling in, but it looks like there may be a few on which we will automatically foreclose.   I’ve drafted up the agreement with Mrs. Tilden as directed and await her signature.


Excise Tax Report – The last quarter of 2018 was a little soft, which follows the annual trend.  For the 2018 year, the revenue amount was the largest ever.  As mentioned at the previous meeting, the months of April through June are the most lucrative for excise tax.   The quarterly report is in your packet and posted on the website. 


Fund Adjustments – To adjust the bank accounts to match the paper accounts, a series of transfers and withdrawals are proposed to the investment management accounts.  A memo is in your packet for your approval.


Appointments – I’ve distributed ads via the website, Facebook, e-mail and on the bulletin board for a Planning Board Alternate. We’ve had one person express interest as of this writing.


You may have an idea to appoint a community center committee after your meeting on Monday, or not.  It’s on this agenda (as well as the Monday agenda) in case you do.


Town Hall Lighting Upgrade – Several months ago, Efficiency Maine sent a post card asking if there was interest in updating lighting.  I sent back the card indicating yes, and finally someone showed up from Gilman Electric.  They’ve submitted information to Arthur Ashmore and he’s submitted a proposal to us to take advantage of a 25% match, with Efficiency Maine footing most of the bill for LED fixtures and bulbs as well as installation.  I’ve copied that into the packet.


Speed Monitoring sign mount – I’ve spoken with Glenn Manring about an idea for a sign mount that one person can place and move around.  He’s modified the idea a bit, and submitted an estimate.  I’ll try to scratch out the idea for you, and put the copy in the packet.   There is enough money in the roads/sign budget to accomplish this.


Community Center Follow Up – There may be things that need to be discussed following Monday’s meeting. 


Town Report Draft – That’s my next project, though some parts are already done (very few of them!).  You have the proposed Selectmen’s report and in memory of pages.  


Citizen of the Year – I’ve received one suggestion for the honor at town meeting.  Be thinking to see if there are others you might have in mind for the honor.


Draft Town Meeting Warrant – The warrant has been updated to include a current year code enforcement funding addition ($7,000) and removing the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance article.  Are there other articles that you think should be decided?  Let me know.


Lamoine 150! – This has become a standing item on the agenda per the request from the committee.  There may not always be something to discuss.


That’s all there is for an agenda for now.  See you Monday Evening (I plan to have this on the school TV channel, so will set up that afternoon/evening after I get back from Howland.