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1870 - Lamoine 150 - 2020
Agenda - Thursday, May 7, 2020 4PM
via Zoom Meeting

Please note that the meeting has been moved up a week this month



I.                    Review minutes of April 9, 2020

II.                 Report on last meeting’s assignments

Included in categories below


III.             Specific items needing resolution today

         Sardine haul – update and plans for “conclusion” (end date May 15)

         Homer Wilbur Photo project (Gordon)

         Pictures needed for parts of 150! Book (Gordon)

         Merchandise ordering???  New shirts?

         How to address our mid-May postcard #4 plan



IV.             Where are we?

         Financial standing

o   Dedicated town funds - balance

o   Bicentennial Grant from Maine 200

         COS events have been indefinitely postponed – update on interim planning

         May, June and July events

         August Festival Celebration (August 14-16)

NB: Maine 200 parade is scheduled for Saturday August 15

o   Revisit planning time line

o   Plan at present (which require subcommittees?)

  Parade  (Jo)

         Progress in creating a committee

         Contacting Ellsworth American re parade info

         Theme - COMMUNITY


         Shrine groups (Cynthia)

         Others to pursue now

         Fireworks  (Cynthia)

  Community Meal (need a committee)

  Band/music (Miranda- Ellsworth Concert Band – Diane S. bagpipes – Cynthia Fletchers Landing Philharmonic- Cynthia Tyler Stanley))

  Friday activities

  Sunday activities –

  Other additions

o   Seeking town committee/group involvement (Cynthia)




V.                Publicity and PR

         Ellsworth American  April 30 sardine article

 – town’s web site – spot for our information – send info to Stu

         article in April quarterly



VI.              Other

         Sardine label – how to use it?



VII.           Schedule future meetings

a.       Thursday, June 11

b.      Do we need to schedule more frequent meetings?


VII.    Adjourn