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1870 - Lamoine 150 - 2020
Agenda - Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 4PM - Lamoine Town Hall


I.                    Review minutes of January 9, 2020

II.                 Report on last meeting’s assignments

Included in categories below


III.              Report on COS Activities   (Gordon)

         January 15 – The Neighborhoods of Lamoine (Jo)

         February 8 – Celebrating Lamoine in Poetry and Song (Carol)

         Future COS events

          COS expense report (Cynthia)


IV.             A Day in Lamoine - February 11


V.                Future Planning

         Review calendar – check in with time line

         Possible program additions

         March 1 Birthday Party planning

o   Set up/clean up

o   Refreshments etc.

o   Games

o   Joshua Chamberlain - SWORD

o   Invitations (Miranda)

o   other

         August 2020 celebration (August 14-16)

o   Revisit planning time line

o   Plan at present (which require subcommittees?)

  Parade  (Jo)

         Progress in creating a committee

         Contacting Ellsworth American re parade info

         Theme - COMMUNITY


         Shrine groups (Cynthia)

         Others to pursue now

  Fireworks  (Cynthia)

         Grant support??

  Clam Bake/Lobster Community meal

  Band/music (Miranda- Ellsworth Concert Band – Diane S. bagpipes – Cynthia Fletchers Landing Philharmonic- Cynthia Tyler Stanley))

  Friday activities

  Sunday activities –

  Other additions


         Connection with Maine 200 Grant possibilities

         Report on grant request submission (Cynthia and Gordon)


V.                Publicity and PR

         January Quarterly (Gordon)

         Ellsworth American (Johanna Billings) (Carol re recent articles)


          COS Videos on town website

         Postcards – covers March, April, May – goes out mid-February (Miranda)
 – town’s web site – spot for our information – send info to Stu



VI.             L150 “merchandise”    

         Sales process and progress

         Sell items at supper/town meeting?

         Order new clothing items by February 20 (?)

         Bags - 8th grade?

         Flags (Miranda)

         Lamoine 150/Maine 200 glasses

         Video of events that could be sold

         Copying 125th “self tour audio tape” to a compact disk

         Transition to czar Carol Duffy



VII.           Financial logistics –where are we?


VIII.        Other

         Sardine label – how to use it?




IX.                   Schedule future meetings


VII.    Adjourn