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1870 - Lamoine 150 - 2020
Agenda - Thursday March 12, 2020 - 4PM - Town Hall



I.                    Review minutes of Fenruary 13, 2020

II.                 Report on last meeting’s assignments

Included in categories below


III.              Report on recent “events

a.       A Day in Lamoine - February 11

b.      Grange Cribbage gathering  (February 23

c.       Birthday party – March 1


IV.             Report on COS Activities   (Gordon)

         Future COS events

o   April

o   May

          COS expense report (Cynthia)


V.                Future Planning

         Review calendar – check in with time line

         Possible program additions

o     mid May – “sharing our treasures” – with the historical society ???    Cynthia

         Town Meeting – March 18

         August 2020 celebration (August 14-16)

o   Revisit planning time line

o   Plan at present (which require subcommittees?)

  Parade  (Jo)

         Progress in creating a committee

         Contacting Ellsworth American re parade info

         Theme - COMMUNITY


         Shrine groups (Cynthia)

         Others to pursue now

  Fireworks  (Cynthia)

         Grant support??

  Clam Bake/Lobster Community meal  - need a committee

  Band/music (Miranda- Ellsworth Concert Band – Diane S. bagpipes – Cynthia Fletchers Landing Philharmonic- Cynthia Tyler Stanley))

  Friday activities

  Sunday activities –

  Other additions


         Report on Maine 200 grant request submission (Cynthia and Gordon)








VI.             Publicity and PR

         Ellsworth American (Johanna Billings) (Carol re recent articles)


          COS Videos on town website

         Postcards – covers June, July August  -  goes out in mid May–  (Miranda)
 – town’s web site – spot for our information – send info to Stu



VII.          L150 “merchandise”    

         Sales process and progress

         Sell items at supper/town meeting?

         Order new clothing items by the end of March???

         Bags - 8th grade?

         Flags (Miranda)

         Lamoine 150/Maine 200 glasses

         Video of events that could be sold

         Copying 125th “self tour audio tape” to a compact disk



VIII.        Financials –where are we?


IX.              Other

         Sardine label – how to use it?



X.                      Schedule future meetings

a.       Thursday, April  9, 2020


VII.    Adjourn