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Minutes - July 18, 2018 (Draft, subject to correction)


Attending: Jo, Miranda, Marion and Cynthia


I.                   PR efforts update


         Updating Miranda and Jo on our meeting with Husson’s Susan Reisman

She is interested in being involved. She is teaching a web based course this summer

and that group may be able to give us some ideas about questions to ask. She will be teaching a campus-based course in the fall, and it is that group that might be able to develop plans as their assignment


         What do we want?

o   To build awareness of and anticipation for activities planned for our celebratory year

o   Who’s our audience -  Lamoine residents and those interested in Lamoine

o   Could the Husson students advise us on a web campaign


         What do we need?

o   Ideas on how to get the word out

o   A blueprint (is this where Husson comes in?)

o   A consistent message for press releases and the like

o   A little write up to have at summer events – “Here’s What’s Coming”  “Coming to Lamoine Soon” Cynthia volunteered Gordon to write up something – Miranda offered to work on a graphic to add to the “flyer”

o   Someone to join us who has a connection with the BDN or local papers?


         What are our means already in place?

o   Carol and Miranda are comfortable managing

  Town TV channel


  Facebook page


II.                 Quick review of calendar sent by Gordon post April meeting


         Briefly reviewed Gordon’s draft #5 (May 2018 version)

         Marion asked if we planned to make a quilt (the 1995 quilt was a great success)

Answer = probably not unless we can think of someone who wants to organize it and then we’ll add it to the calendar

         Feeling it is time to expand the planning participant group by adding community  “leaders” and committees  for various events

Clarification – this does not mean expanding the central committee but rather creating an “action committee” which would include those people who will take responsibility for  making  the specific planned activities happen (with our support)

         Suggestion that we invite some of the people we’ve spoken with/about to the September meeting to begin to talk about action plans

o   Marion suggests Carl Crowley

o   Others suggested  (contact person is in parentheses)

  Diane Sanderson(Cynthia)

  Bill and Wanda Widener - music (Melinda)

  Parks Commission – Cathy Goebel (Cynthia)

  Rec Committtee (Cynthia)

  Grange Tom St. Clair  (Cynthia)

  Historical Society – Jo and Marion and Neila

  Fire Department -  Jo



III.             Next meeting – shall we meet in August?

         Consensus – we will not meet in August

         We will regroup Wednesday September 19 at 6:30  (note time change)

         We will set future meeting dates in September




Notes by Cynthia






PLEASE NOTE:  As I put together these notes I’m realizing the September meeting will be awfully full and potentially unmanageable

         Husson attendance??? – sorting out our plan

         Action committee(s) members attending

         The need to go through our draft calendar to nail things down


I strongly suggest we meet once prior to September 19 in order to focus on:

          our Husson agreement

         Reviewing our calendar

          planning for the September 19 meeting