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1870 - Lamoine 150 - 2020
Minutes - February 14, 2019


Gordon Donaldson called the meeting to order at 3:30 P.M. at the Town Hall.


Present were:  Committee members: Gordon Donaldson, Carol Duffy, Miranda Engstrom, and Marion McFarland.

Absent: Cynthia Donaldson, Josephine Cooper, and Nelia McIntire.

Future Meeting Dates

            Thursday, March 14 at 3:30 P.M. at the Town Hall.

            Thursday, April 11 at 3:30 P.M. at the Town Hall.

If school is canceled due to weather, then our meeting is canceled.


Tasks for (or before) Next Meeting

Fire Department and Church will be contacted for details about race luncheon.

Gordon will update the Lamoine 150 Progress Updater list in Google Drive.

Carol will set up a Lamoine 150 google account ( and link a YouTube Channel to it.

            Logo Committee will meet.

Gordon will send list of Anniversary Evenings topics to Sue Hodgkins to share with the Lamoine Historical Society.


Publicity and PR

Gordon and Carol modeled the Lamoine Half-Marathon race shirts with information about our celebration on the back. 

Carol was given permission to create a gmail account for our committee so that a YouTube Channel can be linked to it instead of to her personal gmail account. 


Maine 200

Jo contacted David Cheever of the Maine 200 Committee.  We are hoping that they will work with us on events at the Lamoine State Park. Gordon reported that some Maine schools are being designated as Heritage Schools and that we might want to explore that.


Progress Updater

Gordon shared the progress updater and plans for Lamoine Anniversary Evenings.  We need to find people to do presentations and keep checking in with them.  The Lamoine Historical Society will be contacted.


Logo Committee

Miranda shared the draft parameters for the Logo Contest. The committee will meet again and fine-tune the information.  The contest should be announced in mid-March.


Town Meeting

We will discuss what we want to do at the town meeting at our March meeting. 


Final Weekend

We need to form a committee for our final events (Birthday Weekend Committee?). After discussing membership, it was decided to post a general invite on Facebook and to contact the fire department and church for members.



The budget form created by Cynthia was approved.  We now need to start determining costs.



There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:28 P.M. 


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Duffy, Secretary