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Minutes - October 10, 2019


Present: Cynthia, Miranda, Gordon, Jo (4:10)

Absent: Carol (recuperating), Angela (work), Diane (away)


1.      Cynthia called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m.

2.      Minutes were approved.  Miranda/Cynthia

3.      Report on September’s Activities

a.       Sept. 21 Coastal Clean-up; haven’t heard from the Conservation Comm.

b.      Sept. 28 Scavenger Hunt: Miranda reported that it was a success with 19 participants; merchandise was a hit; we have a lot of pictures to upload to our You Tube channel and set to music. (Miranda will get to this when she can.)  There are some pictures on our Facebook page.  Thanks to the Girl Scouts for assisting.

4.      October 5 Activities

a.       Cynthia has written thank-you notes to our many volunteers and supporting organizations.

b.      Gordon gave a run-down of Robin’s Run.  38 walkers and runners had a great time under superb weather conditions.  Hope to host a running event for kids in the spring – or as part of the August Extravaganza. 

c.       Cynthia reported on the Small Fry Scuttle. 

d.      The Barbecue was enjoyed by about 70 people; the clam chowder was “superbo!”

e.       Scavenger Hunt followed, hosted by the Parks Commission.  Turnout was also low for this event.  We’re hoping we might sponsor it again in the early summer. 

f.        Lessons to remember: 

                                                               i.      The distance for the youth race needs to be about a mile.

                                                             ii.      We did a lot of publicity (postcards, emails, signs, school notices, tv, radio).  We remain somewhat mystified why more folks didn’t turn out.  There were many activities in the area that day. 

                                                           iii.      Carolyn suggested we also place announcements in the church bulletin. 

5.      Celebrating Our Story program October 23: The Road to Incorporation 

a.       Gordon summarized the plan for the program. He (and Fred Stocking) are organizing the program (also the Dec 7 program).

b.      Cynthia and Miranda will talk about organizing refreshments; Gordon suggested going to our volunteer list and signing people up to host refreshments at all the Celebrating Our Stories programs. 

c.       And arrange for someone to sell merchandise. 

6.      Celebrating Our Story program November 13: Lamoine Before Lamoine

a.       The Conservation Commission is hosting this program and will do publicity for it, in addition to our own.

b.      We will do refreshments. 

7.      Post Cards: the next wave will cover three months (Dec. – Feb.) and go out in November.  This one will have another logo submission on the front and list our 5 activities on it.  Discussion about the lack of space to accommodate these descriptions.  Miranda will see if she can make it all fit, perhaps on a larger card.  We’ll shoot to get it in the mails the week of Nov. 18.

      Cynthia will check with Carolyn regarding any plans for a bonfire on New Year’s. 

8.      Announcement of the “Lamoine in Poetry and Song” Event.  Cynthia and Gordon will compose an announcement to go in the Quarterly right away.

9.      August 2020 Planning

a.       Timeline: Cynthia began a chart of tasks between now and August. 

b.      Need to contact NOW: Shriners; Color Guard; Governor Mills (as Grand Marshall); Civil Air Patrol, Coast Guard, Police, Fire Departments from the County, Fletcher’s Landing Philharmonic; Acadia Bagpipes, Antique Cars (Gary), Patrons; Kids

c.       We need to form a Parade Committee; recruit from our Volunteer Roster.  Cynthia and Gordon will send a notice to our volunteers; Miranda will post a message on Facebook.  Let us know by Friday Oct 18.  Jo will convene the committee soon thereafter (say the 24th).

10.  Maine 200  Applying for grants?

a.       To support the cost of our fireworks at the State Park; Cynthia to look into this.

b.      To underwrite the cost of Gordon’s historical review in 25-year increments.  He will scope out what that might cost.  And share a copy of one chapter. 

11.  Merchandise is selling fast!

a.       Will order more mugs.  (Miranda)

b.      There is interest in shirts and hats, especially the yellow beanies (one left).  OK for now. 

c.       Will the eighth grade sell bags?  (Miranda will inquire)


Adjourned 4:52 p.m.


Next Meeting:

  November 14 at 4:00.   We hope Diane and Angela can join us and that Carol will be back by then.


Gordon Donaldson

Interim Secretary