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1870 - Lamoine 150 - 2020
Minutes - November 14, 2019 (Draft, subject to correction)


Present: C. Duffy, M. Engstrom, C. Donaldson, G. Donaldson, A. Johnson, D. Sanderson

Members of the Public: R. Christie (Selectboard)


Cynthia called the meeting to order at 4:02 p.m.


1.      Acceptance of minutes of October 10 was moved (Miranda; Gordon) and unanimously approved. 


2.      Review of October’s activities

         Oct. 5 – good that we have a bunch of photos of the event; can access them on our Facebook page.

         Oct. 23 COS: a good audience (55); lots of positive comments; deepening folk’s understanding of our history; good that we had merchandise on hand.


3.      November 13 COS with the Conservation Commission

         The presentation by Dr. Rick Will was excellent; audience of 65+

         Some difficulties with sound/hearing

         And with tech recording (didn’t function fully)

         Drew quite a different audience than the Oct COS, so we’re capturing wide participation


4.      Plan for December 7 COS: Gordon summarized the upcoming session December 7 at 2.  Topic: How We Entertained Ourselves (in 1895); we all need to publicize!!  Lots of positive comments about the COS “calendar” handbills.


5.      Agreement with Lamoine Community Arts for the use of the Grange. 

         Concern about what the capacity is for fire purposes (Carol followed up after the meeting; according to C. Korty it is 100)

         Gordon reviewed the agreement with Lamoine Community Arts for the use of the building and its resources (e.g., coffee and tea equipment) on the dates we’ve planned COS programs. 

         Cynthia reported that we’ve budgeted $250 for each event.


6.      Planning January through March, 2020 

a.       Jan. 12 Cribbage Fest.  Carol reports that this is well under control. 

b.      Jan. 15 Celebrating Our Story: Jo reported on her planning.  Hoping for a slide show.  Gordon offered to meet with Jo to bring in some of the resources the “COS team” has accumulated; will do in December.

c.       February 8.  Poetry and Song Fest.  Carol has a group on hand to help put this together.  Theme: poetry and songs related to the community and its past.  Will need to get publicity out on this. 

d.      February 11: Signing Day.  Will invite the community to send a photo of themselves, others or the scenery around them on this day, showing Lamoine 150 Years Later.   Carol and Miranda  have this under control. 

e.       Gordon encouraged the group to stay on top of the publicity for each of these events. 

f.        March 1: Birthday Party reception.  We remain committed to this event and will plan it in the future. Could approach Pugnuts or Morton’s Moo to see if they might provide ice cream.  Might someone in town bake a cake for us all???  Contact Carol Duffy

g.       March 18: Students at LCS will put on the supper from 4:30 to 5:30; then some celebration events, followed by the Town Meeting  Miranda is the contact with school groups on this.


7.      Culminating Weekend and Parade

a.       Cynthia reported that we are now on the Shriners’ calendar for buggies of some sort, care of Scooby-Doo

b.      Jo walked through some of the decisions yet to be made: time, route, theme (“community”), location start and end; parade permit, traffic control…

c.       Music: Shrine?  Fletcher’s Landing Philharmonic, school?, town band? Bagpipe? 

      Miranda will approach the Ellsworth Concert Band to see if some of them   might agree to play.  Diane will help track down a bagpipe group. 

d.      Grand marshall?  Color guard? 

e.       Floats – preference for locally constructed floats by Lamoiners and families

f.        Need a Parade Committee for this purpose:  Jo is chairing the committee. Kim Murphy and Jenn Sargent might be interested.  Bob Christie agreed to join. 

g.       Need a Clambake/Lobster Community Meal committee: We will visit this at our next meeting.  Diane mentioned that the Fire Department has lots of experience with this. 

h.      Fireworks: Cynthia will continue with this matter.


8.      Maine200 and linking with them

a.       Cynthia reported that she’s explored Maine200 merchandise. Showed a glass with their logo; they are willing to imprint our logo on any of their merchandise.  Carol suggested that we pursue this possibility. 

b.      Grant possibilities: Cynthia is scoping out the process of applying and it’s a balky process.  She will continue.

c.       Grants for what? 

                                                               i.      To underwrite the history of Lamoine document that Gordon is working on?  Gordon distributed draft chapters and asked for some feedback to help push the development along. 

                                                             ii.      ?


9.      Publicity and PR

a.       Given the glitches in our first two efforts to record COS events, we discussed ways to put recordings of our events on You Tube as well as reliably on the Town website.  Carol mentioned that Tim Hilton at the school could help. 

b.      Bob and Jo will take this to a Selectboard meeting to see if there can be solutions soon!


10.  Postcards: Miranda reports that the (larger) cards for Dec.–Feb. will be here on the 20th and we’ll need to assemble to get them into the mails.  She has also re-ordered some of Postcard #1. 


11.  Merchandise Sales.  Cynthia reported that we have sold about 30 shirts, 50 beanies (most were gratis at the race), 60 baseball caps, 75 mugs, and various numbers of magnets, posters, and more. 

      Spring order might include bags, more shirts with the logo (done large) and sweatshirts. 

      Cynthia clarified the fact that Lamoine’s Little Children are handling the sales of       the caps.  This will raise funds for the play structure to be installed at Lamoine        Beach.

      Flags: Miranda is still on the case.  No need for action until the spring.


12.  Cynthia reported that Mary Jude had given her an audiotape of the Tour of Lamoine used 25 years ago.  Could we do something similar now… as a podcast that could be downloaded as folks drive around town.  Carol/Miranda will chat with Tim Hilton about this.


13.  Financial Report:  Current balance as of  11/7 was $31,843.  The Parade Committee (and others) should bring estimates of future costs to the January meeting. 

      Gordon asks that we might have a monthly report of income and expenditures. 


Next Meeting: December 12 at 4:00. 


Adjourned at 5:35. 


Respectfully submitted,


Gordon Donaldson, Interim Secretary