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1870 - Lamoine 150 - 2020
Minutes - March 12, 2020 (Draft - subject to correction)


Present: Cynthia Donaldson, Gordon Donaldson, Diane Sanderson, Marion McFarland

Members of the Public: Carol Korty


We participated in a preliminary discussion with Board of Selectmen regarding possible cancelation of Town Meeting March 18.  The Board voted to postpone the Supper and Lamoine 150 Skit to a date in the future, but that the Town Meeting will take place if enough citizens show up. 


Meeting was called to order 4:27 p.m.


Cynthia explained the agenda, mentioning that Skip and others might be coming to share in discussions about the Festival Weekend.  

1.      Jo moved that the minutes be accepted as written (Diane seconded).  Unanimously approved.

2.      Maine 200 Grant news: They have given us $2,000; we applied for $7,500.  Discussion ensued regarding how the funds should be distributed across the three projects we applied for.  Jo pointed out that the Town is prepared to fund the fireworks.  Diane suggested we distribute the funds in proportion to each of the three project’s funding request.  Cynthia shared the math: removing the fireworks totally, $1,319 would go to the history book; $881 to the curtain project. 

      Carol K. reported that the Grange is pursuing other funding routes as well and asked if there were other sources to support the history book.  The book is, in her opinion, more             worthy as it touches more people.  Jo moved that we allocate $1,500 toward the book and $500 toward the curtain.  Vote: 3 supporting the motion; none opposed; two abstentions (Cynthia and Gordon).   

3.      We will help to publicize the Grange’s historical presentation Sunday March 29 at which the fund-raising campaign for the curtain will be announced.  Donations will be gladly accepted.  (If paying by check, make it out to Lamoine Community Arts and put “Curtain Project” in the subject line.) 

4.      Recent Events:

a.       A Day in Lamoine, the Birthday Party and the Cribbage Fest were very successful.  Thanks so much to Carol Duffy!

b.      Gordon reported on Celebrating Our Story events:

                                                               i.      The Town meeting reenactment: the 150 Skits Group has developed a script; the performance will be rescheduled prior to a future Town Meeting or as a separate C.O.S. event

                                                             ii.      April 15: The Original Families of Lamoine; John Holt, presenter.

                                                           iii.      May 1-3: King Muttonhead (an original play set in Lamoine written by Brent Hutchins) will be performed at the Grange.

5.      Discussion with Stu regarding the Fire Department’s willingness to participate in the Festival Weekend.  They are likely to hold their Auction August 14 and to participate and assist with the parade the next day.

6.      Cynthia described a “Share Our Treasures” Event.  Suggestion: to choose a date when townspeople could bring “treasures” from Lamoine’s past to “show and tell”; folks could circulate and learn and share stories.  The idea was enthusiastically received.  Cynthia has proposed it to Anne Stocking of the Historical Society. 

7.      Planning the Festival Weekend

a.       Cynthia shared a planning format to invite all town groups to join in making the weekend a success and to specify what they would do.  The committee was very impressed and encouraged her to move ahead contacting each group and asking them to fill it out and return it to the town hall.  Cynthia will snailmail the form to the 15 committees or groups on our list and ask them to return it forthwith. 

b.      We discussed the following Festival Schedule of Events:


Festival Schedule of Events

3/12/20 DRAFT

Friday 8/14: likely Fire Dept. Auction

Saturday 8/15: 

Parade at 11 (Parade Comm. hasn’t met yet) – Jo

2 Shriner’s groups are in.

LCS, MDI or EHS bands?

Food Trucks at Park – who to contact?

Fletcher’s Landing Philharmonic performing at Noon

5:00 Supper – We decided to ask if any group wants to do the supper and make money for its coffers. If not, we will not provide it ourselves,  but could provide grills, corn on the cob, and perhaps dessert (ice cream and watermelon)

8:30 Fireworks

Sunday 8/16:  Church may do their service at the East Lamoine Meeting House


8.      Ellsworth American’s Joanna Billings would like to come to our next meeting; they want to do a supplement on Lamoine 150 for early August. What would we want to have featured?

9.      April 9 meeting: final post card; time capsule (possibly dig it up in July and share what’s in it; then request for things to put in the next one); and other.


Adjourned at 5:38. 

Respectfully submitted,  Gordon Donaldson, Interim Secretary