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1870 - Lamoine 150 - 2020
Minutes - May 7, 2020



Jo Cooper started our online meeting at 4:00 P.M.


Present were:  Committee members: Josephine Cooper, Cynthia Donaldson, Gordon Donaldson, Carol Duffy, Miranda Engstrom, Angela Johnson, Marion McFarland, and Stu Marckoon.    Absent: Diane Sanderson.


Future Meeting Dates


Thursday, June 11 at 4:00 P.M. at the Town Hall or online.


Minutes for April 9, 2020 meeting were approved unanimously.


Sardine Haul

      We extended the deadline to June 15.

      Miranda will turn the pictures into a video as time permits.

      We discussed a way to display sardines - a totem pole or two at Town Hall, a large sardine filled with the pictures sent to us.

      Carol will make a list of participants so Stu can send them certificates as time permits.

      Lots of positive feedback as it’s a great way to extend our Lamoine 150 celebration during this “stay at home” period.

      Stu has created a page on the town’s website with sardine pictures and history about the sardine industry in Lamoine.  The link will be shared on our Facebook page.

      Cynthia will write a small announcement for the Facebook page which Stu will email out about the extension of the Sardine Haul.





Homer Wilbur Photo Project

Joyce Howe has some beautiful pictures of Lamoine and wants to know if we’re interested in using them.  She also has unidentified pictures and would like to see if anyone has information about them.  We can share these on Facebook.  Gordon is going to make sure that she realizes that once we post them, anyone can download them.


Pictures Needed for 150! Book

Gordon is looking for pictures of community events in the 1950s, 1970s, and 1990s. He is also looking for a picture of the original Lamoine Consolidated School from the early 1950s.  Carol will post a request on our Facebook page, and Stu will send an email to the town.


Merchandise Ordering

      Jo wants sardine label t-shirts!

      Miranda is going to put together an order for t-shirts with the Lamoine 150! Logo with the same company as the one we used for the volunteer t-shirts. We will order both adult and child sizes.

      Miranda will find out the price for face coverings with our logo and forward the information to the committee.


Postcard #4

We can’t send it out in May as planned because we don’t know which events we’ll be able to hold this summer.  We’ll send it out later with August events.



We have $28,850 in our Lamine 150 account so our finances are fine.  We haven’t received any money from the Maine Grant yet.  We might have to send them an invoice.


COS Events

All COS events are on hold.  There is activity behind the scenes so we’ll be ready to go when it’s allowed.  Some events could possibly be filmed.


August Big Festival Weekend

      We will not be having a traditional parade as planned.  We discussed having a parade without spectators.  People would decorate cars, and we would film the parade for later viewing.  Stu is going to give us some names of professional video photographers.

      Fireworks - reschedule for next year. 

      Cynthia and Jo will be in touch with parade contacts to apprise them of changes.



Publicity and PR

      There was a good article in the April 30th Ellsworth American about our sardine hunt with pictures.

      We had an article in the April Lamoine Quarterly.

      We continue to have a good Facebook following which has increased due to interest in sardine pictures.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:52 P.M. 


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Duffy, Secretary