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Lamoine Board of Appeals

The Lamoine Board of Appeals meets on an as-needed basis to consider decisions of the Code Enforcement Officer and the Planning Board. In general, the appeal must be filed within 30-days of the decision. Consult the town's various ordinances for the rules on filing appeals.

Appeals cost $50 for Building and Land Use decisions. Upon application to the Chairman of the Board of Appeals, made through the town office, a meeting will be scheduled and all parties notified by mail. A public meeting will be held so all sides in the appeal can present their evidence, and the board will deliberate and render a decision.

Next Meeting - September 10, 2020 - 6:30 PM
Index to all posted meeting minutes

The Appeals Board Site is now organized by case.  Clicking on the case name will lead to an index of the minutes and other related materials.  We hope you find this easier to navigate.

Case Name Date Issue
Lawser v. Code Enforcement Officer June, 2020 Disputing notice of violation issued after deck construction
True v. Code Enforcement Officer April, 2020 Allegation that Code Officer failed to enforce ordinance after complaint
Moldawer v. Code Enforcement Officer II December 2019 Appeal of Code Officer's reconsideration of building height determination
Towne v. Code Enforcement Officer re: K Ogden Permit July, 2019 Appeal of issuance of temporary RV permit in Shoreland Zone
Arnold vs. Code Enforcement Officer July, 2019 Appeal of issuance of certificate of compliance to Map 16 Lot 48-1
Moldawer vs. Code Enforcement Officer May 2019 Appeal of finding by Code Officer regarding building height complaint
Vanessa Dalton - Variance Request August 2018 Request for road setback variance for addition to non-conforming residence
Julie Miller - Variance Request July 2018 Request for setback variance for proposed cabin (Withdrawn, July 24, 2018)
Dana Young - Variance Request April 2018 Request for setback variance for proposed garage
Harold MacQuinn, Inc v. Planning Board December 2017 Appeal of Denial of Gravel & Site Plan Review permits
Hatcher - Variance Request June 2017 Request for minimum road frontage variance
Frost - Variance Request June 2017 Request for Road Setback Variance (ADA)
Mason v. Code Enforcement Officer January 2017 Building Permit Denial
Wight/Broughman Builders January 2016 Administrative Appeal/Variance
Shubert v. Code Enforcement Officer October 2015 Appeal of Shoreland Zoning Permit Issuance # 15-37
Friends of Lamoine v. Code Enforcement Officer December 2014 Challenge of complaint denial re: gravel extraction
Benincasa v. Code Enforcement Officer September 2014 Enforcement of Alleged Building & Land Violation
Harold MacQuinn, Inc. v. Planning Board June 2014 Appeal of Denial of Gravel & Site Plan Review permits
Gott v. Planning Board April 2014 Appeal of Denial of Site Plan Review Permit
Gott v. Planning Board February 2011 Appeal of denial of Site Plan Review Permit, Gravel Extraction Permit
Seibel v. Code Enforcement Officer June 2010 Appeal of Shoreland Zoning Violation (Deck too close to high water mark)
Gott v. Planning Board May 2010 Appeal of denial of Site Plan Review Permit for Gravel Extraction Permit
Simons Advisory February, 2009 Potential appeal of Shoreland Zoning Violation (no appeal filed)
Wright - Variance Request August, 2008 Request of subdivision developer for relaxed road with standard
Sharkey et al v. Board of Selectmen June, 2008 Appeal of decision by Selectmen to not place petition question before town meeting
Tweedie Trust v. Code Enforcement Officer July, 2006 Appeal of Shoreland Zoning, Building & Land Use violations
Alvarez et. al. v. Planning Board April, 2004 Appeal of granting of Site Plan Review permit to lobster pound for expansion
Rohner v. Planning Board September, 2005 Appeal of subdivision approval (Pine Grove Estates) that encroached on property line
Schmidt - Variance Request November, 2004 Request for variance to place art display sign on property
Larson v. Code Enforcement Officer April, 2003 Appeal of Shoreland Zoning Violation Citation
Ciampa v. Planning Board February, 2000 Appeal of denial of permit to place gas pumps at Lamoine General Store