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Board of Appeals Packet for Moldawer v. CEO - September 29, 2109

Item Date
Agenda 29-Oct-19
Letter-Jonatha Brown 26-Sep-19
E-mail from Richard Arnold 2-Sep-19
Letter from Stephen Salsbury 30-Aug-19
Memorandum - Denis Bouffard 29-Aug-19
Letter from David Goodrich 29-Aug-19
Memoranda from Laura Lyell 29-Aug-19
Letter from Coastal Builders 29-Aug-19
Letter from Will & Connie Flynt 29-Aug-19
Comments - Carolyn Hamm 29-Aug-19
Letter from Warren Mead 29-Aug-19
Letter from Nicole Cardano  28-Aug-19
Letter from Mark Harris 27-Aug-19
Letter from Richard Arnold 26-Aug-19
Letter from James Bradley 21-Aug-19
E-mail from Muffett Stewart 26-Aug-19
Pre Hearing Statement - Rebecca Albright 26-Aug-19
Communication from Robert & Mary Beth Harris 24-Aug-19
Memorandum - Alan Moldawer 23-Aug-19
Letter from Lorna Goodrich 21-Aug-19
Pre Hearing Statement - Jonathan Pottle 20-Aug-19
Letter from Johatha Brown 16-Aug-19
Pre Hearing Statement & Brief from A. Moldawer 12-Aug-19
Letter - Alan & Brenda Moldawer 3-Aug-19
Administrative Record 26-Jul-19
Complaint - Mary Beth Harris 24-Jun-19
Memorandum - Alan Moldawer 17-Jun-19
Original Appeal 2-May-19
Building & Land Use Ordinance