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Minutes - September 25, 2018


BOA members present:  Griff Fenton, Jon VanAmringe, Jay Fowler, Larissa Thomas, and Michael Jordan


Alternate member present:  Brett Jones   


Other attendees:  None



1: Meeting was called to order by Mr. Fenton at 7:00


2: Consideration of Minutes:

     A: Motion to approve minutes for 7/24/2018 made by Mike, second by Jon   Vote   5-0

     B: Motion to approve minutes for 8/21/2018 made by Larissa, second by Jon   Vote   5-0


3: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dalton withdrew their variance request. They have revised their application and it has been approved by the CEO.


4:  Workshop - Board of Appeals Ordinance

     Comments and changes to current draft copy were discussed. Jon will add or remove the changes to the current draft and at our next meeting we should be able to finalize the Lamoine Board of Appeals Ordinance.


5: Other matters for public discussion – None


6: Next meeting date – October 23, 2018


7: Adjourn – 9:04 PM