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Minutes - October 23, 2018


BOA members present:  Griff Fenton, Jon VanAmringe, Jay Fowler, Larissa Thomas, and Michael Jordan


Alternate member present:  Karen Hood  


Other attendees:  None



1: Meeting was called to order by Mr. Fenton at 6:30


2: Consideration of Minutes:

     A: Motion to approve minutes for 9/25/2018 made by Jon, second by Jay    Vote   5-0


3: Appeals Board Ordinance – Discussion on what next steps are needed to present the Ordinance to the Selectmen so it can be presented to the Town for a vote. It was decided that we need to work on a definition section. We are to read the Ordinance and write down words that we feel need to be a definition section. These are to be sent to Jon before 11/13 so he can collate them before our next meeting on 11/27.


4: Other matters for public discussion – None


6: Next meeting date – November 27, 2018 at 6:30 PM


7: Adjourn – 7:07 PM